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An instrument with a recording device used to measure work performed by muscles under control conditions.



an instrument used for performing and measuring fixed amounts of mechanical work.

Ergometers vary according to the kind of work to be performed and the particular muscles used in the work. They may take the form of finger or hand ergometers, bicycle ergometers, treadmills (moving paths that operate at variable speeds and inclinations), steps of different heights, spring levers or pedals, and handwheels. Modern ergometers record the amount of energy expended and parameters of such physiological systems as the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. Ergometers are used primarily in work and sports laboratories. (See also.)

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R17]) can also be seen in the upper half of Table 3 where the calculated fitness values from the cycle ergometer test are displayed.
The rectilinear stepping ergometer (RSE) (Figure 1) used for the present study was designed by members of the Research Center for Information Technology of Sports and Health.
The goal of the 4-min kayak ergometer test (KE) was that the subjects performed at maximum level throughout the test, without the use of strategies.
DISCUSSION: The work on a gym bench in relation to a bicycle ergometer is different based on the engaged muscles and their mass and because of that the load on cardiovascular System is different.
Ergometer is used as a means of preparing the rowing.
The participants rarely achieve enough ventilation on a treadmill or cycle ergometer which is needed to induce EIA.
In the subsequent two years of training on-water and ergometer rowing volume increased, however, other activities still made up 2627% of total training volume.
The two basic kinds of exercise bikes are standard stationary bikes and ergometers.
bicycle ergometer + attachment, 1 pc half-cycle ergometer + attachment, 1 pc crosstrainer + attachment, 4 pieces of ground protection mat.
La increase by arm exercise decreased the rate of La accumulation in a subsequent cycle ergometer sprint by approximately 50% (Bogdanis et al.
They were informed that the test consisted of a maximal cycling effort on a cycle ergometer at 60 rev x [min.
Edward Laskowski, MD, co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, recommends an ergometer.