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Here in these pages, and especially in his work with existing buildings, you will detect strong creative trains of thought that connect seemingly disparate commissions in time and space -- Florida Southern College, the De La Warr Pavilion, Benenden Hospital, Trinity College of Music, the cultural centre at Derngate and so on up the scale to his vast King's Cross station masterplan -- all of them on equal terms with the work of such estimable precursors as Frank Lloyd Wright, Erich Mendelsohn, Thomas Tait, Wren, Hawksmoor, Mackintosh, Cubitt and others - progenitors of the original buildings so expertly revised, enlarged and reworked by McAslan himself according to a single idea teased from a difficult brief.
Erich Mendelsohn, Complete works of the architect, first published Mouse Berlin 1930, English edition Triangle Publishing London 1992 p28.
In the 1930s he blossomed as, first, an interior designer and, then, in brief partnership with Erich Mendelsohn, as an architect.
The museum must encapsulate the life and idiom of such individuals too, people like Hannah Arendt (the biographer of Varnhagen) another victim but survivor, and Walter Benjamin, Max Pechstein, and Erich Mendelsohn.
And there were precedents: a little to the west is the Storgata area, which was partly redeveloped in the 1930s, when architects like Erich Mendelsohn and Ole Sverre evolved Modern Movement buildings that made real contributions to a civilised urban fabric of streets and open spaces.