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Last year, a notary public in Erie County, Pennsylvania was assaulted and robbed at gun point.
CalAmp Corp (Nasdaq:CAMP), a provider of wireless products, services and solutions, said on Tuesday that it has been selected by the Erie county, Pennsylvania Department of Public Safety to install a new mobile data network for law enforcement and fire services.
US mobile network operator Verizon Wireless has announced it has activated a new cell site in Erie County, Pennsylvania.
ENF Family Partnership (ENF) owns three vacant parcels of property in Erie County, Pennsylvania.
An Erie County, Pennsylvania, jury found Corinne Wilcott, 21, guilty of third-degree murder March 26 for killing an unborn baby by kicking the child's mother in the stomach during a fight, the Erie Times-News reported.
In the 1980s, Erie County, Pennsylvania, began classifying employees and retirees for health care coverage as current employees, Medicare-eligible retirees, and retirees not eligible for Medicare.
In early January of this year, a group of Erie County, Pennsylvania, inmates asked a federal judge to ban use of the chair.
Tarbell was born in Erie County, Pennsylvania, and was educated at Allegheny College.
The council in Erie County, Pennsylvania, registered voters and turned them out for the November elections.
5 CCHIT Certified Ambulatory EHR software has been chosen by Medical Associates of Erie (MAE) to provide community-based electronic health records throughout Erie County, Pennsylvania.
In early 1994, acting on a tip, Erie County, Pennsylvania, police used a thermal infrared image scanner to detect a high level of heat emanating from Gregory Gindlesperger's basement.
Ethan Allen's (NYSE:ETH) Cherry Hill Manufacturing Division, in Union City, Erie County, Pennsylvania, has received the 2001 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence in recognition of an innovative technology and finishing system developed at the furniture manufacturing plant to substantially reduce waste and air pollution.

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