Erik Lundberg

Lundberg, Erik


Born Aug. 13, 1907, in Stockholm. Swedish economist, professor at the Stockholm School of Economics (from 1946), scientific director of an institute of the business cycle (1944-55), vice-president of the International Association of Economists (from 1962). Lundberg supports the ideas of the Stockholm school of bourgeois political economy. The school has defined a number of contradictions of capitalist reproduction in the era of the general crisis of capitalism, and it closely studies the problems of the credit-monetary regulation of the capitalist economy. Lundberg has developed macroeconomic models of economic growth and has analyzed the interaction of the business cycle and economic policy of the state. He opposes the excessive interference of the state in the economic life of the country in peacetime.


Konjunkturer och ekonomisk politik. Stockholm, 1953.
Studies in the Theory of Economic Expansion (new edition). New York, 1955.
Produktivitet och räntabilitet. Stockholm, 1961.
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