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, Ger. Eger, city (1991 pop. 31,847), NW Czech Republic, in Bohemia, near the German border. A commercial and manufacturing center in a lignite-mining area, Cheb has industries producing machinery, bicycles, and textiles.
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, Czech Republic.
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For example, in a chapter describing the siege of Erlau, Carafa, writing the emperor, describes the logistical details of the battlefield, asking for replenishment of munitions and incendiary missiles (incendiaria).
Wright (, ordinary professor of English at the Catholic University of America (Washington, DC), is the author of The Erlau Playbook: Five Medieval German Plays for Christmas and Easter (forthcoming).
Schuler's catalogue shows that this lyric appears in three other known dramas, all compiled in the fifteenth century (see his entry under Docen's Marienklage, Eger Fronleichnamspiel, and Erlau VI in item 129).
Other major tyre chain manufacturers include Pewag and Erlau. The latter is expecting to announce a new product at Bauma 95.
Wright, "Two Medieval German Christmas Plays from the Erlau Playbook" Allegorica 20 (1999): 45-91; see also Hartl's introduction, 190-204.
The later Osterspiele, and in particular those of Erlau, Innsbruck, and Melk, present in Rubinus a fully developed clown figure, a genuine persona with a full range of theatrical "signs" He is, first of all, young, a "sweet fac'd man" like bully Bottom, but, as with Bottom, this might well be an ironic description.