Ermine Street

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Ermine Street,

Saxon name for the Roman road in Britain that ran from London to Lincoln and York. It was one of the four main highways of Saxon England. The name is derived from the Earningas, a group of people who inhabited an area in Cambridgeshire through which the road passed. The road from Silchester to Gloucester was also called Ermine Street.


See I. D. Margary, Roman Roads in Britain (3d ed. 1973).

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The Roman road Ermine Street ran north from London via Lincoln to which English city?
The Ermine Street Church Academy is the first school on the new development, which will also comprise of 5,000 homes.
The Romans built Ermine Street across what is now Burghley Park and through the of the town, where it forded the Welland, eventually reaching Lincoln.
STREET PATROL: The Ermine Street Guard demonstrates its prowess of 2000 years ago in a reenactment
NW Systems Group's RemoteManager end-to-end video monitoring solution has been selected by the construction company Allenbuild Ltd to provide high quality live and recorded video images of the redevelopment of the old Allied Carpets building at 638 Tottenham High Road, London which sits in a conservation area by virtue of this road being built on top of the old Roman road called Ermine Street.
Mark, who also dresses up as a Roman soldier for re-enactments with the Ermine Street Guard, is part of the Second Armoured in Europe unit.
The Ermine Street Guard will be at the Vindolanda site and the Roman Army museum, in Northumberland, on Saturday and Sunday.
There was also evidence of Ermine Street, the famous Roman road which ran from Silchester to Gloucester.
Areas targeted by sheriff's deputies on a fireworks-suppression detail included Ermine Street in Canyon Country and Copper Hill Drive in Saugus, Cambra said.
History really is coming alive in Carleon this half term, as members of the famous Ermine Street Guard Roman re-enactment group will be at the Roman Legionary Museum.
Excavation records and borehole logs provide a model for the pre-Roman landscape and suggest the extent of wetland prior to the development of extramural cemeteries and occupation here, along the line on Ermine Street and the Fosse Way.
The Webb Ellis Cup rests on Hadrian's Wall yesterday as the Ermine Street Guard Roman Re-enactment Society display the flags of the competing nations Mark Smith @markismith50 www.