Ernst Bergmann

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Bergmann, Ernst


Born Dec. 16, 1836, in Riga; died Mar. 25, 1907, in Wiesbaden. German surgeon.

Bergmann was educated at the University of Dorpat. He was a professor at the universities of Dorpat (beginning in 1871), Würzburg (beginning in 1878), and Berlin (beginning in 1882). Bergmann proposed an aseptic method of fighting wound infection. He was the author of works on cranial surgery. Bergmann’s works on brain surgery were the basis for the development of neurosurgery.


Die chirurgische Behandlung der Hirnkrankheit, 2nd ed. Berlin, 1889. In Russian translation: Khirurgicheskoe lechenle boleznei golovnogo mozga. Moscow, 1890.
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Ben-Gurion assembled a crack scientific team led by a brilliantly inventive German emigre named Ernst Bergmann who ran roughshod over bureaucratic obstacles.