Erofei Pavlovich Khabarov

Khabarov, Erofei Pavlovich


(nicknamed Sviatitskii). Born circa 1610 in the village of Dmitrievo, in what is now Niuksenitsa Raion, Vologda Oblast; died after 1667. Russian navigator and explorer.

In 1625, Khabarov, a peasant, journeyed on a koch (a type of sailing vessel) from Tobol’sk to Mangazeia. From there, in 1628, he headed an expedition along several rivers, by sail and portages, to the Kheta River, in the eastern part of the Taimyr Peninsula. In 1630 he sailed from Mangazeia to Tobol’sk. In the period 1632–41 he journeyed to the Lena River, where at the mouths of the Kuta and Kirenga rivers he organized plowed farming and built a saltworks. In 1649–50 he journeyed across the Olekma River to the Amur River, and in the period 1651–53 he traveled down the Amur, from its confluence with the Urka River, to below the mouth of the Ussuri River. Khabarov compiled a map of the Amur River. The city of Khabarovsk and the settlement and railroad station of Erofei Pavlovich on the Trans-Siberian Railroad are named after Khabarov.


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