Errol Flynn

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Errol Flynn
Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn
BirthplaceHobart, Tasmania, Australia

Flynn, Errol

(1909–59) actor; born in Hobart, Tasmania. Son of an Australian biologist/zoologist, he was schooled in England and Australia. From 1924–33, he led an adventurous life around the Pacific before showing up in England where he took up acting; this led to his debut in the film In the Wake of the Bounty (1933). He arrived in Hollywood in 1935 and with Captain Blood (1935) launched his career as a handsome swashbuckling star. His heavy drinking, drug-taking, and womanizing caused his career to falter by the late-1940s, even though he was acquitted of statutory rape charges of two teenage girls on his yacht; his final decade was spent in desperate attempts to revive his career and bank account. At his best he was the epitome of a movie star.
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Sean Flynn was the only child of actor Errol Flynn and his first wife, French actress Lili Damita.
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Errol Flynn, also from Shirley, was sentenced on the basis that he only played a part in the first con.
So it went between Bette Davis and Errol Flynn in the lavish Technicolor 1939 screen version of Maxwell Anderson's play "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex." (Anderson was the Philippa Gregory of his time.
Sir Simon Jenkins recently said that diminishing, distorting or even obliterating the British role in historical events has been a Hollywood tradition at least as far back World War II when Errol Flynn won the war in Burma for the United States in the 1945 film "Objective, Burma." But the most egregious example might be the 2000 film "U571," which showed an American submarine capturing the German Enigma coding machine that allowed Nazi codes to be broken.
He was an avid hunter and if I recall correctly, one day in the '40s, he went hunting with a nephew(?) of Winston Churchill and Errol Flynn. He described Errol as a nice guy but a very indifferent shot!"
AS for whose mind he'd really like to explore, Coppola said, "It'd be cool to get into the minds of Errol Flynn and Jean Harlow."
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1909: Errol Flynn was born in Hobart, Tasmania, and was swashbuckling long before he got to Hollywood, as a deck-hand, prospector, tropical bird hunter and policeman.
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