Errol Flynn

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Errol Flynn
Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn
BirthplaceHobart, Tasmania, Australia

Flynn, Errol

(1909–59) actor; born in Hobart, Tasmania. Son of an Australian biologist/zoologist, he was schooled in England and Australia. From 1924–33, he led an adventurous life around the Pacific before showing up in England where he took up acting; this led to his debut in the film In the Wake of the Bounty (1933). He arrived in Hollywood in 1935 and with Captain Blood (1935) launched his career as a handsome swashbuckling star. His heavy drinking, drug-taking, and womanizing caused his career to falter by the late-1940s, even though he was acquitted of statutory rape charges of two teenage girls on his yacht; his final decade was spent in desperate attempts to revive his career and bank account. At his best he was the epitome of a movie star.
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