error detection and correction

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error detection and correction

(algorithm, storage)
(EDAC, or "error checking and correction", ECC) A collection of methods to detect errors in transmitted or stored data and to correct them. This is done in many ways, all of them involving some form of coding. The simplest form of error detection is a single added parity bit or a cyclic redundancy check. Multiple parity bits can not only detect that an error has occurred, but also which bits have been inverted, and should therefore be re-inverted to restore the original data. The more extra bits are added, the greater the chance that multiple errors will be detectable and correctable.

Several codes can perform Single Error Correction, Double Error Detection (SECDEC). One of the most commonly used is the Hamming code.

At the other technological extreme, cuniform texts from about 1500 B.C. which recorded the dates when Venus was visible, were examined on the basis of contained redundancies (the dates of appearance and disappearance were suplemented by the length of time of visibility) and "the worst data set ever seen" by [Huber, Zurich] was corrected.

RAM which includes EDAC circuits is known as error correcting memory (ECM).

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A development in the above, in [21] researchers highly focused on low and high noise environments and studied the impact of the same using adaptive error control schemes to reconfigure the code.
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Among all research work that was carried out in the 20th century, error control codes work was so amazing that we can put their names on this century and call it the era of microelectronics or the information technology age.
Using the same performance goal, or total allowable error control limits for each analyzer, allows identification of analyzers with issues that could have been hidden when using only a multiple-ofstandard-deviation approach.
4) Error control: Error control mechanism is used to recover the lost data packet.
In the presented example, the array [[delta].sub.i] has no pronounced trend and average value [[delta].sub.m] is a quantitative assessment of technological error during the process observation period, in particular--the error control method used.
This includes Service Data Object data, network management data (NMT message, and Error Control), Time Stamp, Sync Message, and Emergency Message.
The author also developed a new mixture steering law and an error control steering law to avoid the singularity problem.