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Initially, an error handler is defined so the code can exit without the user realizing there's a problem, and zero (0) is assigned for the default return value.
In Example 2, testing the error handler requires the stub for uploadingData() to have at least one case that returns a true condition.
An error handler that determines the nature of any errors in the XML document and then acts accordingly.
SoftBase's Database Rely, Data Generation Facility, Database Attach and Query Error Handler assist enterprise companies to maintain data integrity, handle batch process errors, and ensure that critical processes remain running.
In Chimera, a generic assembly language timing error handler was created.
Therefore, an error handler routine (analogous to the event handler) is called when an error condition arises during a simulation run.
We grouped the causes of the crashes into the following categories: pointer/array errors, not checking return codes, input functions, sub-processes, interaction effects, bad error handler, signed characters, race conditions, and currently undetermined.