Ervin Szabó

Szabó, Ervin


Born Aug. 22, 1877, in Szlanicza (Slanica); died Sept. 30, 1918, in Budapest. Figure in the Hungarian workers’ movement.

Szabó graduated from the faculty of law of the University of Vienna. In 1899 he joined the Social Democratic Party of Hungary. From 1900 to 1902 he edited Népszava, the party’s central organ. He published theoretical articles on historical materialism and the labor movement. From 1905 to 1909, Szabó published a Hungarian translation of the selected works of K. Marx and F. Engels. From 1914 to 1918 he organized the antiwar activity of a group of revolutionary socialists in Hungary. In 1918, Szabó was elected a member of the Socialist Academy in Moscow.


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