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(all: ĕr'ĭmăn`thəs), mountain group, S Greece, in NW Peloponnesus, on the border of Achaea, Arcadia, and Elis. The highest peak (c.7,295 ft/2,220 m) is Mt. Erymanthos, also known as Mt. Olonos. In mythology the mountains were the haunt of the Erymanthian boar that Hercules captured.
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By conventional view, Heracles had twelve labors, and these labors occurred in the following order: 1) Nemean Lion; 2) Lernaean Hydra; 3) Ceryneian Hind; 4) Erymanthian Boar; 5) Stables of Augeias; 6) Stymphalian Birds; 7) Cretan Bull; 8) Mares of Diomedes; 9) Hippolyte's Girdle; 10) Cattle of Geryon; 11) Apples of the Hesperides; 12) Capture of Cerberus.