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(all: ĕr'ĭmăn`thəs), mountain group, S Greece, in NW Peloponnesus, on the border of Achaea, Arcadia, and Elis. The highest peak (c.7,295 ft/2,220 m) is Mt. Erymanthos, also known as Mt. Olonos. In mythology the mountains were the haunt of the Erymanthian boar that Hercules captured.
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The project includes maintenance work due to subsidence - landslides - corrosion of the asphalt road carpet or the slopes of the streets, pits of pits with asphalt mixture, restoration operations, marking, restoration works or extension of technical works, in part and where necessary throughout the provincial road network of the municipality of erymanthos of achaia regional unity.
Contract notice: Operation and maintenance of facilities and water supply by erymanthos.
This technical description concerns the Operation and Maintenance of Refinery Plants Drinking Water River Erymanthos located 500 m upstream of the bridge of the road Ancient Olympia -Vasilaki -Tripoli of pure water storage tank located at Vasilaki of piezothrafstikou well located in Louvre and the water supply system (pipes, fittings, metal crossing bridges etc).
Contract notice: Operation and maintenance of plant and water supply by erymanthos.