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A nucleated cell occurring in bone marrow as the earliest recognizable cell of the erythrocytic series.
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intermediate form of development of a red blood cell, or erythrocyte. In mammals and in man, erythroblasts have nuclei and reproduce themselves, unlike mature erythrocytes, which lack nuclei and are unable to reproduce.

In the lower vertebrates (reptiles, amphibians, and fishes), hematopoiesis takes place in the liver, the kidneys, and partly the blood vessels, where erythroblasts may be found together with mature erythrocytes. During the embryonic development of the higher, or warm-blooded, vertebrates (birds and mammals) and man, erythroblasts are formed in the vessels of the yolk sac and transformed into primary erythrocytes, which soon die. In man, they concentrate after birth in the bone marrow, where they develop from hemocytoblasts; it is only in pathological cases that erythroblasts are found in peripheral blood. The number of erythroblasts and their rate of reproduction increase in anemia. After the erythrocyte level in the blood is restored to normal, erythroblast activity in the bone marrow declines.

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To validate our hypothesis and demonstrate the presence of erythroid DNA in plasma, we identified erythroblast-specific differentially methylated regions (DMRs) [5] through analysis of the methylation profiles of erythroblasts and other tissue types.
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A recently described immortalized erythroblast line could mitigate cell source limitations by providing unlimited RBC generation [42], while medium requirements and RBC harvest could be made more economically viable using proposed HFBR bioprocessing strategies, where CD235a enucleation rate would be a critical parameter for future study.
The tumor was diffusely immunoreactive for vimentin and focally positive for CD31 and erythroblast transformationspecific transcription factor (ERG).
Downregulation of SOX6 did not impair differentiation of erythroblast, which is consistent with previous report [13].
The diagnosis of CDA can be made with high specificity from morphological analysis alone by light microscopy as the findings such as erythroblast nuclei abnormal.
Though anemia during Trypanosoma cruzi is not accompanied by a decrease in reticulocyte numbers, similar to our findings, chemical inhibition of nitric oxide or treatment with anti-TNF did not rescue mice from anemia even though these treatments resulted in increased numbers of reticulocytes and suppressed decreases in bone marrow erythroblast numbers during infection.
We did bone marrow aspiration biopsy and found dyserythropoietic cells and engulfment of erythroblast by macrophages (Figure 1).
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