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Turkey: see ErzurumErzurum
or Erzerum
, city (1990 pop. 241,344), capital of Erzurum prov., E Turkey. It is an agricultural trade center and a railroad center. Agricultural products include sugar beets, wheat, barley, and vegetables. Metal and leather handicrafts are also produced.
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Although no ordinary houses or workshops have survived, any visitor who has previously seen the medieval houses under the shadow of Erzerum's castle will have little difficulty in re-creating the scene.
The Lord God has given such great help to the super-valiant forces of the Caucasus Army that after an unprecedented five-day storm Erzerum has been taken [and] I am ineffably happy to report this victory to YOUR IMPERIAL MAJESTY." (4) The Grand Duke reported that his army had taken 14,000 prisoners; a more recent account gives the number of prisoners as only 5,000.5 Regardless of which figure is more accurate, the victory was great.
for Von Einem and the Turks; they'll rise inspired to hold Erzerum
Apart from aid to the national planning office (Directorate-General for regional development and structural adjustment) so as to boost administrative and institutional capacities, the 2003 pre-accession programme offers Euro 45.3 million worth of aid to help Turkey to embark upon integration regional development programmes in three seriously undeveloped regions (Samsun, Kastamonu and Erzerum).
This is when construction of a pipeline from Azerbaijan's offshore Shah Deniz gas field to the Turkish border town of Erzerum is to start; it will be on stream by March 2006.
For their part, the Turks agreed that the international peacekeeping force would not involve the Turkish military, and they suggested Erzerum in eastern Turkey as a logistical staging area for the force.
Nor does Salt take into account the testimony of the most sensible and clear-headed of the observers from the heart of the events -- Sir Robert Graves (uncle of the poet), who was British Consul in Erzerum. (Graves met a Turkish ex-sergeant, Suleiman, who told him that in the course of nocturnal butcheries by the Turkish army an estimated 5,000 Armenians had died at Sasun).
This is following the same route through Azerbaijan and Georgia but will end at Turkey's existing gas transmission system at Erzerum. With all the necessary inter-state agreements signed, sanction of this project by a BP-led consortium came in late 2002.
This will follow the same route through Azerbaijan and Georgia but will end at Turkey's existing gas transmission system at Erzerum.
Second Erzerum Treaty, Tehran Protocol, Delimitation Commission, Istanbul Protocol are the results of this period.
He examines the intricacies behind the Russian command structure that contributed to the assault on the Ottoman fortress of Erzerum. The next article comes from William T.
While his political opinions diverged from those of his fellow Scot, John Buchan, MacDonald's writing on Georgia uncannily echoed Greenmantle, the Tory romantic's classic First World War adventure, which climaxes at the Battle of Erzerum, Imperial Russia's last great victory over the Ottoman Empire.