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Turkey: see ErzurumErzurum
or Erzerum
, city (1990 pop. 241,344), capital of Erzurum prov., E Turkey. It is an agricultural trade center and a railroad center. Agricultural products include sugar beets, wheat, barley, and vegetables. Metal and leather handicrafts are also produced.
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This is following the same route through Azerbaijan and Georgia but will end at Turkey's existing gas transmission system at Erzerum.
helped to take Erzerum from the Turks despite the Kaiser's jihad
Eastern Turkey is in an earthquake zone, there are hot springs in several places and the extraordinary contortions of exposed strata in the Karacay valley north of Erzerum indicate violent geologically-recent earth movements.
Georgians have lived in the valleys north of Erzerum since the Bronze Age.
In an outlook, the border disputes between Iran and Ottoman in Qajar period can be reviewed as the following: First, caused extensive period of political and diplomatic efforts to resolve border disputes resulted in Erzerum treaties, Tehran protocols, Delimitation Commission and the Istanbul Protocol, Second, the intervention of foreign powers, especially Russia and Britain in the political acts and during treaties led to impose their view on the border demarcation dispute.
A final note is a letter from Professor Glassie of the Folklore Institute of Indiana University, in which he mentions that finely woven cotton and silk muslins or brocades are found in Bangladesh today: they are called jamdani or jandani and imitations of this cloth are made in Erzerum, Turkey.
Ballard 170) Miss Fergusson's irritation over the incident in Erzerum began to calm.
Lawrence, who may be the model for Sandy Arbothnot in Greenmantle--at Erzerum.
Amazingly, he actually read Buchan's Greenmantle to his imprisoned family before their execution, finding information in it Buchan got about the strategies leading to the Russian cavalry attack at Erzerum from some visiting Russian journalists, including Vladimir Nabokov's father, whom he had shown around Scapa Flow in February, 1916.
This will follow the same route via Azerbaijan and Georgia but will end at Turkey's existing gas transmission system at Erzerum.
Known as the Erzerum treaties, these documents give Iran a droit de regard (the right of oversight) over Iraq's principal .
In Greenmantle, when it's clear that the bloody battle of Erzerum is going the right way, Hannay's sidekick Sandy Arbuthnot exclaims, "Oh, well done our side