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Esalen Institute,

organization est. 1962 by Michael Murphy and Richard Price that was an important center for the so-called human potential movement of the 1960s and 70s. Located in Big Sur, Calif., and influenced by Eastern religions and by the theories of Aldous HuxleyHuxley, Aldous Leonard,
1894–1963, English author; grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley, brother of Sir Julian Huxley, and half-brother of Sir Andrew Huxley. Educated at Eton and Oxford, he traveled widely and during the 1920s lived in Italy.
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, Esalen served as a hub for the counterculture and for activities related to consciousness raising and consciousness expanding. Stressing a humanistic approach to psychology and human development, it continues to hold a variety of workshops, courses, and seminars and engage in other educational and psychologically oriented activities.


See studies by W. T. Anderson (2004), J. J. Kripal and G. W. Shuck, ed. (2005), and J. J. Kripal (2007).

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Two of the most influential bodies on the early New Age movement were the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, both of which were established in 1962.
Virginia Satir, known as "the mother of family therapy," was also the first director of training at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, where Jack Kerouac and Joan Baez, among others, retreated to find themselves.
Then a ski accident prevented her own dancing, and Gestalt psychiatrist Fritz Perls invited her to Esalen Institute to teach dance to his groups.
Her new book "The American Soul Rush: Esalen and the Rise of Spiritual Privilege" will be published early next year.
To relax, we counted shooting stars while soaking, cliff-side, in hot mineral waters at the Esalen Institute (reservations required) in Big Sur.
Years later, in graduate school in Syracuse, NewYork, we read a book by a William Irwin Thompson in which he looked at three centers of "new consciousness" in the Big Sur area: the Esalen Institute, the Zen Center at Tassajara, and the Camaldolese monastery.
To this day, Esalen offers seminars and workshops on a variety of
Schools of behavioral science, such as Esalen Institute and the Western Training Laboratory for Group Development, allude to consensus--group thinking--as being the objective.
His presentations on negotiation and spirituality include: eBay Marketing Department, UC Berkeley International House, Esalen Institute (faculty for 14 years), IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Rancho La Puerta (18 years), Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, Alliant International University in San Diego, and the San Diego County Bar Association.
She married Soskin and joined a social circle involved in poetry and the counterculture's human potential movement made famous at Esalen Institute in Big Sur.
Our time at the Esalen Institute was an opportunity for all of us, Israeli Arabs and Jews, to have equal opportunities to fully express ourselves, unlike our experience in Israeli society.
Maybe that's because as a de facto child of the Be-In and a student of the Esalen Institute by simple proximity, Johanson is himself a California new age by dint of birth.