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river: see ScheldtScheldt
, Du. Schelde, Fr. Escaut, river, c.270 mi (435 km) long, rising in N France and flowing generally NE across W Belgium and into the North Sea through the Western Scheldt (De Honte) estuary, SW Netherlands.
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Russo and Escaut (2006) wrote as follows (my translation) concerning the composition of the tourmaline:
Reading this report you've probably noted that most new finds were carried by dealers specialized in one country (Frederic Escaut in China, Patrick Allier in India, Denis Gravier in Madagascar).
Belgium is also concerned as the project would help improve links between French and Benelux waterways and work on improving the navigability of the Escaut is also scheduled.
The conference led to the signature, a few months later in Ghent, of an agreement placing the work of the Escaut and Meuse Commissions clearly within the framework of the EU Directive.