Eshref Shemi-Zade

Shem’i-Zade, Eshref Abduramanovich


Born June 8 (21), 1908, in Evpatoriia; died Mar. 11, 1978, in Moscow. Soviet Crimean Tatar poet and literary critic. Honored Cultural Worker of the Uzbek SSR (1968).

Shem’i-zade graduated from the literature and screenwriting department of the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow in 1932. He first published his works in 1926. He is the author of the narrative poem Dneprel’stan (1930) and the collections of lyric and narrative poems The Reed Pipe (1965) and The Eagle’s Flight (1969). He published articles on the history of Crimean Tatar literature and the book Life and Work (1974).

Shem’i-zade also translated the works of A. S. Pushkin, V. V. Mayakovsky, and A. T. Tvardovskii. His works have been translated into languages of the peoples of the USSR.


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