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a city (until 1963, a settlement), the center of Esil’ Raion, Turgai Oblast, Kazakh SSR.

Esil’ is located on the right bank of the Ishim River. It is a railway junction for the lines to Tselinograd, Kartaly, and Arkalyk. Population, 15,000(1970). EsiF has a building-materials and structures combine and a brewery.

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ESIL is an integrated flat steel producer, and the largest steel company in western India.
The University of Birmingham has opened a [pounds sterling]600,000 Energy Systems Integration Laboratory (ESIL) equipped with a machine rig and dynamometer and a powercycler to test hybrid drivetrains and evaluate the performance of electric storage devices for the rail industry.
ESIL project coordinator Maggie Dawson added: "We're so proud of our learner's achievements over the past year.
Kadyrkhan Otarov, the First Deputy Mayor of Akmola Oblast, the administrative district where Kalachi is located, proposed the idea of allocating millions of dollars for locals' resettlement into new homes and jobs in nearby cities like Esil.
Within the territory of Saryarka district works are carried every day on restoration of disturbed urban improvement in public place: at Esil river walk, at the city square and in front of the Congress Hall, at the square near Alay monument, Opera and Ballet theater, Russian Drama theater, Kazakh Drama theater.
The administrations of Almaty, Esil and Saryarka districts expect that the works will involve 8,500 enterprises, organizations and institutions of the city.
Premises bearing plot having khata no 121,gata no 889 measuring 0.1124 hectare& khata no 938, gata no 890,measuring 0.2800 hectare & khata mo 26 gata no 935 minzumla measuring01677 hectare situated at mauja chakki, pargana kutiya, guneer, esil bindki, distt.fatehpur.
Number of the population in Astana has increased by 7,551; in Almaty district - by 3,249 people, in Esil district - by 1,722, and in Saryarka district by 2,580.
Iraqi Deputy Minister for Electricity Saad ybrahim Hammudi, Mosul Governor Esil Nuceyfi, Ecalyk Holding Chairman Ahmet Ecalyk and Ecalyk Enerji General Manager Dr.
Exploration works were conducted in Esil and Ualikhanov districts of the region, and the gold deposit was found near the village of Bulak, Esil.
"The ninth wave of the disease has started," Amanbek Kalzhanov, head of the administration of Esil district, told Interfax.