Esipova, Anna

Esipova, Anna Nikolaevna


Born Jan. 31 (Feb. 12), 1851, in St. Petersburg; died there Aug. 5 (18), 1914. Russian pianist and teacher.

Esipova, a student of T. Leszetycki, was one of the most outstanding Russian pianists. She established her own piano school and gave concerts in Russia, other European countries, and the United States (1868–1908). She lived abroad from 1871 to 1892. Her masterly paving was noted for its elegant ornamentation and spirituality. Esipova performed in an ensemble with L. S. Auer and A. V. Verzhbilovich. Her repertoire included works by Chopin, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Mozart, and Beethoven, as well as virtuoso salon music.

Esipova became a professor at the Petersburg Conservatory in 1893. Her students included S. S. Prokofiev, A. K. Borovskii, L. D. Kreitser, I. A. Vengerova, and A. D. Virsaladze.


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