Esoteric Technologies

Esoteric Technologies

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Esoteric Technologies is an Australian private limited company specializing in developing and publishing astrology software. Esoteric Technologies was formed in 1993 and launched its first product, an astrological program called Solar Fire, shortly thereafter. This was the first commercial grade astrology program to become available for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Since that time, the Solar Fire program has become one of the world’s leading western astrology programs. It now has one of the largest market shares of astrologers, from beginners through to professional consultants.

Over the following years, the company created several additional software products, which cater to a range of astrological requirements: Solar Maps, for astro-locality mapping; Solar Writer, for professional astrological report writers; Solar Spark, a real-time astrological clock; and JIGSaw, for astrological research and chart group analysis.

Among the company’s achievements are awards from the Federation of Australian Astrologers for research and development (1994), community service (1998), and research (1998). The company also received an editor’s choice award for Solar Fire, version 4, in the February 1998 issue of the Australian Personal Computer Magazine.

In March 2000, Esoteric Technologies launched the fifth version of Solar Fire, and it is continuing to work on a range of astrological products and Internet-related projects. Astrologers Stephanie Johnson and Graham Dawson are its directors and authors of the Solar suite.


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