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alcoholic beverage: see beerbeer,
alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermenting cereals, especially malted barley, usually with the addition of hops as a flavoring agent and stabilizer. One of the oldest of alcoholic beverages (there is archaeological evidence dating to c.3000 B.C.
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strong porter highly flavoured with malt


Sir Robert. 1844--1930, New Zealand statesman, born in Scotland: prime minister of New Zealand (1884--87)
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Organic Portland Roast Espresso Stout features a blend of organic Ethiopian and Sumatran coffees directly sourced through Portland Roasting's Farm Friendly Direct program, and specially selected for the dark ale by Laurelwood's head brewer, Chad Kennedy.
Pyramid's brewers will log on and lead beer enthusiasts in a tutored "cyberspace sampling" of Pyramid Porter, Pyramid Pale Ale, Pyramid Hefeweizen, Pyramid Espresso Stout and Pyramid Apricot Ale.
They kept full cups of Overcast Espresso Stout on the tables next to them; some munched on popped corn from brown paper sacks.