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, a general term used to refer to a number of groups inhabiting the coastline from the Bering Sea to Greenland and the Chukchi Peninsula in NE Siberia. A number of distinct groups, based on differences in patterns of resource exploitation, are commonly identified,
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Inuit (Eskimo)


In 1976, Joseph Bloom and Richard Gelardin conducted a study of the dreams of the Eskimo (Inuit) people in which a ghost or a spirit appeared. They noted this occurred most often when the dreamer was just falling asleep or just waking up. They were unaware of the widespread occurrence of hallucinating while in a state of semi-arousal and sleep paralysis. They recognized the Inuit experiences as nightmares and linked their sleep paralysis to Arctic hysteria, labeling both as “non-empirical.”

Dreams are an integral part of the Inuit shamanic tradition and are closely associated to the initiatory calling; dreams of dismemberment, death, and rebirth are thought to be a calling to the dreamer to become a shaman. In other instances, they are called, in the dream, by an animal spirit who possesses the dreamer. The dreamer then awakens and proceeds to wander naked through the wilderness, grappling with the spirit for control of the body. Eventually, the dreamer will gain control over the spirit—a victory they mark by the making of a drum—and once again return to their people and start the training as a shaman initiate.


, Innuit
any of several Native peoples of N America or Greenland, as distinguished from those from Asia or the Aleutian Islands (who are still generally referred to as Eskimos); the preferred term for Eskimo in N America
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I have put my finger on the North Pole before now, and said "Spear of Esquimaux make, for half a pint of pale sherry
Albert Trinel (28) revient sur les transformations socio-economiques qui affectent les << Esquimaux >> du Canada : le revenu, la langue, la culture, la personnalite, l'art, le genre de vie.
The appearance of this oppressed population, stunted through a lifetime's lack of nourishment, creates "as much surprise as if an invasion of African negroes, or Esquimaux Indians, had issued forth" (214).
86) Similarly, after the Hudson's Bay Company explorer John Rae witnessed a fine display of the aurora in April 1847, he noted that "the Esquimaux, like the Indians, assert that the aurora produces a distinctly audible sound, and the generality of Orkneymen and Zetlanders [Shetlanders] maintain the same opinion, although for my own part I cannot say that I ever heard any sound from it.
to the last act of maddened human beings," but the majority of its argument focused on its innate distrust of Inuit veracity: "All who know the Esquimaux know that they have no sense of truth.
The group of eight in the keeping room has two second-edition prints, the "Pied Duck" and the "Great Esquimaux Curlew.
4) To name just a few: A Peep at the Esquimaux (1825), Typee: A
But occasionally it is a shame not to be informed about an obscure book's content, as when Gerson regrets the dearth of information available about the author of A Peep at the Esquimaux (1825), a book of poetry for young readers by "A Lady.
Alaska's earliest newspapers--with names like The Esquimaux, The Alaskan, The Sitka Post, The Alaska Appeal and The Alaska Times--were owned and operated by businessmen, miners, military men, several governors and missionaries.
I impute it, though, to their naturally unctuous natures, being rendered still more unctuous by the nature of their vocation, and especially by their pursuing their game in those frigid Polar Seas, on the very coasts of that Esquimaux country where the convivial natives pledge each other in bumpers of train oil.
from the Esquimaux, Labrador and North Western tribes of Indians, direct from the Indian traders; also beautiful moccasin work from the Conewaga, St.
The Lord has given languages to the unlearned, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Zulu and languages of Africa, Hindu and Bengali and dialects of India, Chippewa and other languages of the Indians, Esquimaux, the deaf mute language, and, in fact, the Holy Ghost speaks all the languages of the world through his children.