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in philosophy, the nature of a thing. Aristotle maintained that there is a distinction between the form of a thing—its intelligible, verbally formulable character—and the essence of a thing, i.e., what it is in itself, which is not common to anything else. The essence of a thing is what is formulated as a universal in the mind and in language. St. Thomas Aquinas distinguished between the essence of a thing and the fact of its being, or its existence. In modern existentialist thought Jean-Paul Sartre made use of Aquinas's distinction between essence and existence but reversed them by insisting that existence precedes essence. By this he asserted that people do not have predetermined natures; what a person is follows from the choices he or she makes.


1. Philosophy
a. the unchanging and unchangeable nature of something which is necessary to its being the thing it is; its necessary properties
b. the properties in virtue of which something is called by its name
c. the nature of something as distinct from, and logically prior to, its existence
2. Theol an immaterial or spiritual entity
a. the constituent of a plant, usually an oil, alkaloid, or glycoside, that determines its chemical or pharmacological properties
b. an alcoholic solution of such a substance
4. a substance, usually a liquid, containing the properties of a plant or foodstuff in concentrated form
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But it is worth mentioning here that the modest and correct claims that law facilitates social planning and that social planning explains the development of law are different from Shapiro's stronger claims that law is social planning and that social planning is an essential property of legality.
The notion that there could be a defective example of an old kind of thing that is defective because it lacks an essential property of instances of the kind at least verges on the incoherent.
The adjective usually expresses a stable characteristic--the essential property or a permanent state (22a), (23a), but it also allows to mark an unstable (temporary) state (24a).
This point is of extreme importance for Sadra's purposes here for he tries to establish motion as an essential property of corporeal bodies, and this is a major step towards substantial motion (al-harakat al-jawhariyyah) as opposed to positional or locomotive motion.
I also expressed concern that test score scales lack an essential property for comparing test-score gains: an interval of, say, 50 points at one point on the scale cannot be assumed to represent the same achievement growth as a 50-point interval elsewhere on the scale.
This is an essential property as a seal ring has to bend and flex millions of times.
Taken as a whole, the thirty-one needleworks on display - featuring everything from conventional decorative motifs to embroidered appropriations of modern and contemporary art to literary quotations addressing the metaphoric implications of sewing and weaving - constitute a kind of perverse cataloguing of the sampler qua artistic medium: "perverse" because modernism's emphasis on medium-specificity is precisely what allows it to distinguish high art from lowly craft (and, by extension, "masculine" aesthetics from "feminine" ornament), but more interestingly because, under Reichek's nimble fingers, the sampler's essential property reveals itself to be the ability to elude the very categorical logic on which a modernist notion of medium is based.
In most textbooks, some essential property and liability insurance contracts are covered individually (for example, homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, commercial property insurance, and commercial liability insurance).
It serves as an excellent binder for stiffness and fire retardation in vertical blind applications and is dielectrically heat-sealable, an essential property for automotive interiors.
The LOBS and capital improvement COPs have a lien on essential property.
In London, Castle will be working for main contractor RGB on a huge redevelopment scheme to convert essential property in the city s famous Leicester Square into a five-star, 80-bedroom, luxury hotel.

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