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in philosophy, the nature of a thing. Aristotle maintained that there is a distinction between the form of a thing—its intelligible, verbally formulable character—and the essence of a thing, i.e., what it is in itself, which is not common to anything else. The essence of a thing is what is formulated as a universal in the mind and in language. St. Thomas Aquinas distinguished between the essence of a thing and the fact of its being, or its existence. In modern existentialist thought Jean-Paul Sartre made use of Aquinas's distinction between essence and existence but reversed them by insisting that existence precedes essence. By this he asserted that people do not have predetermined natures; what a person is follows from the choices he or she makes.


1. Philosophy
a. the unchanging and unchangeable nature of something which is necessary to its being the thing it is; its necessary properties
b. the properties in virtue of which something is called by its name
c. the nature of something as distinct from, and logically prior to, its existence
2. Theol an immaterial or spiritual entity
a. the constituent of a plant, usually an oil, alkaloid, or glycoside, that determines its chemical or pharmacological properties
b. an alcoholic solution of such a substance
4. a substance, usually a liquid, containing the properties of a plant or foodstuff in concentrated form
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2014) have confirmed the tendency for natural kinds to be named after an essential property and for artefacts after an associated event, and shown that the distinction has important psycholinguistic grounding.
Fine offers his (already classic) example to support the claim that necessity and essence should be distinguished: it is necessary that Socrates belongs to the singleton Socrates, but Socrates's belonging to the singleton Socrates is not an essential property of Socrates.
Currently, insurers must explain the procedure for making application under the ashington Essential Property Insurance Inspection and Placement Program either in the notice of cancellation or nonrenewal or accompanying such notice.
Through the strength of the tenant, as well as the owners, we were able to unlock substantial trapped value in this essential property.
The minimal energy needed to switch between the states means the system is bistable, which is the essential property of memory devices," Ras said in an Aalto Univrsity press release.
No matter how common it is for legal systems to coerce, and no matter how prevalent coercion may be within particular legal systems, as long as there can be (in theory if not in practice) a noncoercive legal system, coercion is not an essential property of law.
The council is putting together a package that would offer owner-occupiers in Phase 3 grants of up to pounds 4,000 to assist them in undertaking essential property repairs.
It implies a svatantra with the logical reason of essential property (rang bzhin, svabhava): "He (who understands emptiness) understands their substance [by understanding emptiness], because he removes imputation [of an ultimately real nature] on appearing phenomena through [its] removal by the experience establishing imputation [of an ultimately real nature] as being removed.
Get your essential property guide, LDP Homes, every Thursday inside Style City; Don't plan your weekend without reading Friday's new supplement, LDP Weekend; Mark Thomas
The essential property of chaotic systems is that small differences tend to magnify rapidly.
Let us suppose that we have concluded that being white is an essential property of daisies.
Bunge identifies the essential property of real things as the capacity to undergo change, and yet law is barely glossed relatively late in the main text as "invariant relations among properties" (p.

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