the Establishment

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Establishment, the

the institutions, and the holders of élite positions within them, popularly regarded as constituting the culturally and politically dominant sector of society, especially members of traditionally dominant groups. Used particularly in the 1950s and 60s, it is now a term in general use, without any precise sociological meaning. Generally, it is seen as including the monarchy and the peerage, members of government and top civil servants, the Conservative Party as a whole, leading London-based members of top professions, old boys of leading public schools and Oxford and Cambridge, and so on. Sometimes leading Labour politicians, trade-union leaders, press barons, etc, are also included. Compare UPPER CLASS.
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Cruz is riding the shift in the conservative activist establishment, the way groups like the Club for Growth now provide a power base for someone who wants to run against the GOP leadership.
Article 9(1) of the Sixth VAT Directive currently sets forth the general rule that the place where a service is supplied shall be deemed to be the place where the supplier has established its business or has a fixed establishment from which the service is supplied, or, in the absence of such a place of business or fixed establishment, the place where it has its permanent address or usually resides.
If the statement is submitted within six months following the public opening or acquisition of the establishment, the TRAC is retroactively effective on the date the establishment was opened or acquired.

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