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Portuguese India,

the former Portuguese possessions on the Indian subcontinent. It comprised Dadra and Nagar HaveliDadra and Nagar Haveli
, union territory (2001 provisional pop. 220,451), 188 sq mi (487 sq km), W central India, on the Arabian Sea. Portugal colonized these two inland enclaves in the mid-16th cent. India occupied them in 1954.
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, located inland, and the coastal colonies of GoaGoa
, state (2001 provisional pop. 1,343,998), c.1,430 sq mi (3,700 sq km), W India, on the Malabar coast. A former Portuguese colony and Indian union territory, Goa became a state in 1987. The capital is Panaji (Panjim). The chief products are rice, cashew nuts, and coconuts.
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 and Daman and DiuDaman and Diu
, union territory (2001 provisional pop. 158,059), 50 sq mi (130 sq km), W India, on the Arabian Sea, composed of two former Portuguese colonies seized by India in 1961.
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 (with the capital at Panjim, now Panaji)—all of which were annexed by India in 1961.

Portuguese India

a former Portuguese overseas province on the W coast of India, consisting of Goa, Daman, and Diu: established between 1505 and 1510; annexed by India in 1961
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Nessa mesma parte, Paes pretende desmontar a ideia veiculada pelos bramanes de que so eles tinham acesso ao colegio da Propaganda Fide, ao tribunal do Santo Oficio, a Secretaria e Chancelaria do Estado da India, ao convento de Santa Monica, um elenco que providencia uma primeira etnografia das exclusoes no Estado da India que tinham por base o "sangue indiano" que nao era de origem bramane.
The reform of the Estado da India was thus imagined primarily as a return to the old virtues of the founding captains and noble soldiers.
It analyzes Macau's position within the framework of the Estado da India, the politics of the Iberian dual monarchy, and Sino-Portuguese relations in that period.
More than any other city of the Estado da India, Mozambique had a fluctuating population which could double over night with the arrival of ships from Portugal.
Growing out of his earlier monograph, Colbert, Mercantilism and the French Quest for Asian Trade (DeKalb, Illinois, 1996), and based on extensive research in the Portuguese, Indian, English, and French archives, Ames's study provides a valuable and detailed review of the Portuguese crown's policy objectives for the Estado da India in the scarcely studied period of the 1660s and 1670s.
Other parts of the third chapter concern the fortresses established by the Estado da India and the gradual emergence, in Europe, of new ideas undermining Portugal's supremacy on the "ideological" front.
Specific topics include attitudes towards Jews in Portuguese colonial cities; the anti-Jesuit riots of early 17th century Bahia, Brazil; Portuguese missionaries in Nagasaki, Japan; commercial trade and the economic development of the Island of Mozambique; the economic fortunes of the fortress-settlements of Diu, Damao, and Bacaim in Portuguese Asia; the functioning of the Estado da India as the primary lending institution of Macau, China; public ritual and tensions of power in Bahia; political disorder and social disharmony in Goa, India; and the characteristics of the social elite of Luanda, Angola.
Both Mickle and Macpherson believed that the besetting weakness of the Estado da India was that it was an arbitrary system unregulated by law, the product of a despotic government at home.
Flores' account fills an important gap in our knowledge of the early Estado da India.
Private consignments surpassed the king's pepper cargo in value to the point that the crown was dependent on private investment to sustain this link to the Estado da India and Asia.
119) De acordo com Subrahmanyam, "Durante a maior parte do seculo XVI, a capitania de Malaca era entao, o que nao surpreende, um cargo cobicado, concedido apenas a fidalgos bem relacionados, sendo encarado muitas vezes como um patamar em direcao a nomeacao como governador ou vice-rei do estado da India.

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