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Any of a group of enzymes that catalyze the synthesis and hydrolysis of esters.
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any of the enzymes of the hydrolase class that catalyze the cleavage of the ester bond in organic compounds. In the broad sense of the word, esterases include lipases, phosphatases, and sulfatases, in addition to esterases proper, among which are many specific enzymes, such as cholinesterase, chlorophyllase, tannase, and pectinase. Esterases are found in humans, animals, higher plants, and microorganisms. In humans and animals, they are found in pancreatic juice (pancreatic lipase, or steapsin), blood, and milk; they are also found in the liver, the intestinal walls, and various tissues.

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Novel specificities, tolerance to extremes of pH, temperature, and/or salt tolerance are features often desired in esterases. Biocatalysis in organic solvents are advantageous due to several reasons including the ability to perform reactions restricted kinetically or thermodynamically in water, increased solubility of certain substrates in organic solvents, suppression of undesirable side reactions, possibility to control or modify the enzyme selectivity, and increased thermal stability in organic solvents [5-7].