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Thus, the presence in the Portuguese Estremadura of Beaker implements is, in part, contemporary with the end of the Full Chalcolithic, characterised by the generalisation of metallurgic productions and by ceramics with regional decorative patterns, as 'acacia leaf' and 'cruciferae'.
Lafaye also refers to manuscripts at the sanctuary of Estremadura pre-dating 16th century publications, but are not accessible to researchers.
La virtud de El Sanson de Estremadura reside en reunir una serie de textos que sirven para ver como se utiliza el conocimiento de figuras historicas (y aun de sus obras) en la literatura del Siglo de Oro.
3) Only twice does this document specify the nature of his work: once with regard to Macao in China, where he was sent on a topographic study of the city on the orders of Martinho de Melo e Castro, the Portuguese Secretary of State and Minister of Overseas Possessions; and another time in Portugal, where he inspected the fortresses of the Estremadura region, around Lisbon.
The Designations of Origin (DOC), Bairrada, Ribatejo or Estremadura, would neither be recognised nor provide a definitive wine-style.
Address: Rua Francisco Stromp, Lisbon, Estremadura 1700, Portugal.
Estremadura is best known for its refreshing whites and Ribatejo includes Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah alongside its traditional varieties to make a wide range of styles.
LEIRIA, one or two hours north of Lisbon on the A1, has regular bus services to the three big centres of northern Estremadura - Alcobaca, Batalha and Fatima.
Design of a cultural centre in a south-western province of Estremadura draws on memory and at the same time provides nurture for the future.
Deurbanization and economic and demographic stagnation (1600-1876), also typical of towns in Old and New Castile and Estremadura, occurred when urban areas outstripped the agricultural carrying capacity of the surrounding countryside.
study a diagram of the TCA molecule, take a tour of the Diam plant in San Vicente De Alcantra in Estremadura, Spain, read questions & answers on the topic and read comments from wineries using Diam.