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Microwave Bypass has designed its EtherWave as a hub-based microwave radio link, handling everything from a single T1 to 20-Mbps Ethernet.
The wireline information used in Table 5 is from Bell Atlantic, the spread spectrum product is C-SPEC's OverLAN, the microwave high rate product is Aydin's AMCD6-45/64, the microwave medium rate product is Microwave Bypass' Etherwave Radio and the optical product is LCI's Omnibeam 2000 Token Ring.
The Lutzka took to the etherwaves on NYE to announce, via lucrative photographic partnership, an exclusive contract with Jose Cuervo.
And while Orwellian censorship may be a bit too extreme, the new generation agrees that there should be more limits on what children can view over the airwaves and etherwaves.