network segment

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network segment

A part of an Ethernet or other network, on which all message traffic is common to all nodes, i.e. it is broadcast from one node on the segment and received by all others. This is normally because the segment is a single continuous conductor, though it may include repeaters(?).

Since all nodes share the physical medium, collision detection or some other protocol is required to determine whether a message was transmitted without interference from other nodes. The receiving node inspects the destination address of a packet to tell if it was (one of) the intended recipient(s).

Communication between nodes on different segments is via one or more routers.
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Fast Ethernet switches dominate the Ethernet segment, particularly in the mid-to- low-tier networking markets.
With respect to hot areas to watch, the Ethernet segment should get the most benefit from integrated devices because of its use in the cost sensitive and space challenged network segments, such as the enterprise and access.
IDT is pleased to be working with Xelerated, who has earned considerable design traction worldwide with both leading communications vendors as well as enterprise vendors, and is considered one of the leaders in the fast growing metro Ethernet segment," said Derek Dicker, co-general manager for the IDT IP co-processor division.
The report indicates that the Fast Ethernet segment, which was instrumental in driving growth in the fourth quarter of 2005, experienced the most severe decline.
The enhanced partnership further strengthens both parties' positions in the Carrier Ethernet segment, one of the fastest growing network applications for wireline and mobile service providers.
Furthermore, within the Ethernet segment, Crehan also anticipates very strong growth for both 10GBASE-T switches and 40 Gigabit Ethernet-capable switches (40GbE).
By extending the platform's digital, mixed signal and DC instrument portfolio with its Ex instrument suite, the J750 can now test an even broader range of applications, including the Gigabit Ethernet segment.
This joint venture further enhances the partnerships position in the Carrier Ethernet segment, one of the fastest growing network applications for wireline and mobile service providers.
Wholesale Ethernet Market Forecast analyzes and projects the growth of the wholesale Ethernet segment over the next four years.
Even the Gigabit Ethernet segment showed strength in 2Q12 with over 55 million ports shipped in the quarter, and market revenues growing 6.
When interconnecting sites on a corporate campus, buildings and network devices often lie beyond reach of a standard Ethernet segment.

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