Ethiopian Highlands

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Ethiopian Highlands,

rugged plateau region of E Africa, covering about two thirds of Ethiopia. It is divided into two massifs by the Great Rift Valley; the Amhara, or Ethiopian Plateau, is the larger of the two. The region, which slopes away from either side of the Great Rift Valley, is composed of a series of mountains and valleys; Ras Dashen (15,158 ft/4,620 m), Ethiopia's highest peak, is there.
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Farmers were affected by a swollen River Daua following heavy rains in the Ethiopian highlands.
A dam at the head of the Blue Nile in the Ethiopian highlands has been a dream since the 1960s.
Egypt receives about 70% of its water flow from the Blue Nile and Atbara Rivers, both sourced in the Ethiopian Highlands, which then merge as the main Nile in the northern Sudan.
Coffee, meanwhile, didn't seem to appear until much later - and is believed to have originated in the Ethiopian highlands, where legend says a goatherd named (http://www.
He headed to the Ethiopian highlands to produce his documentary, which explored the environmental impact that coffee farming has on village communities.
Walking around in the Ethiopian highlands, you'll quickly build up an appetite.
Until just a few years ago the salt caravans walked all the way back to the markets in Mekele, a large city in the Ethiopian highlands, two-weeks away.
Talks have been held since 2011, when Egypt voiced concerns that the dam, sited in the Ethiopian highlands on the Blue Nile, could affect its share of Nile water.
Holloway argued that education had positive significant effect on quantity of milk marketed in Ethiopian highlands [14].
While Africa is the birthplace of coffee, which originates from the dense forests growing on the Ethiopian highlands, Western settlers introduced tea cultivation to the continent during the 19th century.
The UN office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in its latest report received Monday that there has been a further reduction in rainfall in most areas of Juba and Shabelle basins inside Somalia as well as the Ethiopian highlands compared to the previous week.
In her January 2015 doctoral dissertation at Wageningen University, Yihun describes two field experiments to irrigate the grain teff in the Ethiopian highlands, where it has been grown solely on rain water for hundreds of years.

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