Ethiopian Highlands

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Ethiopian Highlands,

rugged plateau region of E Africa, covering about two thirds of Ethiopia. It is divided into two massifs by the Great Rift Valley; the Amhara, or Ethiopian Plateau, is the larger of the two. The region, which slopes away from either side of the Great Rift Valley, is composed of a series of mountains and valleys; Ras Dashen (15,158 ft/4,620 m), Ethiopia's highest peak, is there.
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Release date- 08082019 - Meltwater, volcanic glass and giant rats helped humans survive in the Ethiopian highlands 40.000 years ago / publication in 'Science'
The Nile flow has been affected by the decreasing rate of annual rainwater, which is coming from the Ethiopian Highlands, said Head of the Planning Sector at the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Eman el-Sayed, in the statement.
According to Waite, the findings have implications for potentially millions of people living in the higher elevations of Africa, such as the Kenyan and Ethiopian highlands, and in South America.
Hike or bike your way across the Ethiopian highlands, or marvel at the ornate mosques and spice-filled souks in the capital, Addis Ababa.
But Rhamu is not all about livestock, pasture and clan flare-ups, it is also about River Daua, a flowing source of livelihood that originates from the Ethiopian Highlands and courses its way across some of the richest farmlands in Northern Kenya.
The journey has seen the students from the University of St Andrews ride along the River Nile, through the 50C heat of the Sahara Desert, via the mountains of the Ethiopian Highlands and across the equator to Tanzania.
The operational 80 km road serves the Oromia Region in the west of the Ethiopian Highlands, facilitating the movement of vehicles and reducing transportation costs.
JEDDAH, May 9 (KUNA) -- The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has urged the Member States and their humanitarian organisations to urgently extend immediate assistance to Somalia, which is currently facing devastating floods in the southern parts of the country affected by the heavy rains on the Ethiopian highlands. Based on the information received by the Somali Federal Government, and members of the Alliance of Islamic Cooperation Organisation, UN agencies, the OIC office in Mogadishu has warned from the consequences of a major humanitarian disaster in light of the continued high water levels in the rivers of Juba and Shabelle, the pan-Muslim organization said in a press statement Wednesday.
"Heavy rains in the Ethiopian highlands are causing the river to flood on our side and we are appealing to those near to move to avoid a disaster," he said.
A dam at the head of the Blue Nile in the Ethiopian highlands has been a dream since the 1960s.
Egypt receives about 70% of its water flow from the Blue Nile and Atbara Rivers, both sourced in the Ethiopian Highlands, which then merge as the main Nile in the northern Sudan.
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