Ethiopian Highlands

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Ethiopian Highlands,

rugged plateau region of E Africa, covering about two thirds of Ethiopia. It is divided into two massifs by the Great Rift Valley; the Amhara, or Ethiopian Plateau, is the larger of the two. The region, which slopes away from either side of the Great Rift Valley, is composed of a series of mountains and valleys; Ras Dashen (15,158 ft/4,620 m), Ethiopia's highest peak, is there.
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The UN office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in its latest report received Monday that there has been a further reduction in rainfall in most areas of Juba and Shabelle basins inside Somalia as well as the Ethiopian highlands compared to the previous week.
Simon begins at the source of the Nile, and follows it out to sea, taking him from the Ethiopian highlands, through the desert of Sudan and then Egypt, right to the Mediterranean Sea.
Geladas - the last surviving species of grazing primate - originate from the Ethiopian highlands and are also known as bleeding heart baboons due to the bare patch of red skin on their chests.
Modern day cotton plantations in Egypt are entirely dependent on the soil that gets exported by the river primarily from Ethiopian highlands.
Objective: An area of ancient written culture from the first millennium BCE, the Ethiopian highlands have been home to a complex literary tradition (predominantly in Ge ez) that has no parallel in sub-Saharan Africa.
An estimated 89% of the water flowing through the Nile in Sudan and Egypt originates in the Ethiopian Highlands, so there is certainly plenty of water on offer.
Her travels take her past the bustling hub of civilization that is Alexandria, to Rwandan forests, Sudanese desert, and Ethiopian highlands.
More than four-fifths of the water in the river first falls as rain in the Ethiopian highlands.
In the same period, Aksum's external contacts, both with the Roman world and to the east, are very evident in the imported exotica which made its way into the Ethiopian highlands.
The Katara DFI Cinema National Sports Day screenings will include, the documentary 'Town of Runners', which focuses on two championship hopefuls in long-distance running, who move away from their small hometown in the Ethiopian highlands in their quest for Olympic gold.
Histories of synanthropy are likely longest for rodents in areas of early human sedentism, making RNA virus richness in early centers of domestication such as the Ethiopian Highlands of particular interest.
They discovered that he liked to eat vegetable curry and injera, an Ethiopian flat bread made with teff flour produced from a grass native to the Ethiopian Highlands.

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