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They exist purely and simply as the Swahili ethnic community. They are predominantly found in the East African Coast from the Coast of Mozambique, Comoros Islands, Tanzania's Coast, Zanzibar Islands, Kenya's Coast and a few on the Somali Coast.
Summary: Beijing [China], July 21 (ANI): In a white paper, China on Sunday defended its policies and claimed that Islam was forced upon Uighurs -- the ethnic community native to Xinjiang.
National Cohesion and Integration Act, 2008 says that no single ethnic community should account for one third of the total workforce in any organisation.
'Our association is hopeful that the Sarawak government can speed up the process and finally recognise us as an ethnic community by next year which has been a life-long dream for us,' he told Bernama here today.
Dr Clarence Beaks Executive Director AMEC thanked the ethnic community leaders for their overwhelming support in launching the campaign and underlined the need to speak collectively with ONE voice .Alderman Jason Ervin spoke of the importance of the ethnic communities vote and support during the forthcoming Chicago elections with numerous candidates contesting for some of the key positions like Mayor &, Treasurer.
But Kong said the villagers are not of ethnic origin but rather Lao-Cambodians whose father or mother is Laotian and therefore cannot be registered as an ethnic community.
"The unitary character of the state is endangered by the irresponsible policies of the political representatives, bearers of public offices in the Republic of Macedonia, who regard the unitary character of the state as the right and ownership of the Macedonian ethnic community, while all other ethnic communities should be obedient to them," said Fadil Zendeli, member of the BESA.
Dutta argues that we can no longer simply view a writer as an oinsidero or ooutsidero of an ethnic community; cultural boundaries have become so fluid that the authorAEs relationship to an ethnic community is no long one-to-one.
WKB4447, VIA LIFEHEALTHPRO.COM: "If I read one more article about marketing to a specific ethnic community, I think I'm going to lose it.
We have always maintained that plurality of representation must be the hallmark of participation by the Black and minority ethnic community in the politics of Wales for the sake of their future and that of their unborn families, and they must participate effectively and actively in the affairs of the four main political parties in Wales.
Rupesh Masani, a member of the Ethnic Community Group, has been involved in a number of projects, including the creation of free legal advice "drop-in" clinics for the Somali, Sikh and Muslim communities.