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folk dance,

primitive, tribal, or ethnic form of the dancedance
[Old High Ger. danson=to drag, stretch], the art of precise, expressive, and graceful human movement, traditionally, but not necessarily, performed in accord with musical accompaniment. Dancing developed as a natural expression of united feeling and action.
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, sometimes the survival of some ancient ceremony or festival. The term is used also to include characteristic national dances, country dances, and figure dances in costume to folk tunes. Many children's games, such as "London Bridge" and "The Farmer in the Dell," are traditional folk dances. More elaborate examples are the Spanish fandangofandango
, ancient Spanish dance, probably of Moorish origin, that came into Europe in the 17th cent. It is in triple time and is danced by a single couple to the accompaniment of castanets, guitar, and songs sung by the dancers.
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, the Bohemian polkapolka,
ballroom dance for couples in 2/4 time. Originated by Bohemian peasants about 1830 from steps of the schottische and other dances, the polka by 1835 reached the drawing rooms of Prague, from which it spread to the capitals of Europe.
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, the Hungarian czardas, the Irish jigjig,
dance of English origin that is performed also in Ireland and Scotland. It is usually a lively dance, performed by one or more persons, with quick and irregular steps. When the jig was introduced to the United States, it was often danced in minstrel shows.
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, the Scottish Highland flingHighland fling,
national dance of Highland Scotland. Composed in the duple rhythm of the strathspey, a variety of reel, it is characterized by the Scotch snap (a succession of sixteenth notes alternating with dotted eighths). The "fling" emphasizes a kicking gesture.
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, the Hawaiian hula, and the English morris dancemorris dance
or morrice dance,
rustic dance of the north of England that had its origin in country festivals, such as those of May Day and Whitsunday. Reference to it in English literature is made as early as the 15th cent.
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, sword dance, and Maypole dance. American barn dances, such as the Virginia reel, are largely derived from European sources. Early in the 20th cent. Cecil James SharpSharp, Cecil James,
1859–1924, English musician, best known for his researches in English folk music. In 1911 he founded the English Folk Dance Society. In the United States he collected (1914–18) folk songs in the Appalachian Mts.
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, founder of the English Folk Dance Society, made a notable collection of English folk songs and dances. The American Folk Dance Society has done much to preserve the knowledge of old American country dances, and a similar interest has developed in other countries. A popular form of recreation, folk dancing is often taught in schools.


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folk dance

1. any of various traditional rustic dances often originating from festivals or rituals
2. a piece of music composed for such a dance
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Emmanuel Lumayon, director of Datu Inda Elementary School Dance Troupe said that during the provincial and regional level, the Manobo-Kulamanen children gave their best rendition of the ethnic dance in portraying the life of the indigenous people.
Here was a boy dancing in a snowy street, three dancers performing in an urban setting, break-dancing, ethnic dance, someone moving on a small frozen pond, mass dancing at a festival and even someone dancing on the moving pavement at an airport.
Now in it's 12th year, the festival returns to The Riverfront, giving Newport school pupils the opportunity to show others their work in creative and ethnic dance.
They also gained first place in modern dance for a tribute to the 70s medley and second place in the ethnic dance section for an Irish and tap dance routine.
Les premieres etudes, comme celle de Joann Kealiinohomoku dans son article << An Anthropologist Looks at Ballet as a Form of Ethnic Dance >> (1969) et des travaux ulterieurs, tels que celui de Judith Lynne Hanna, Dance, Sex and Gender (1988), ont employe des perspectives anthropologiques pour etudier des formes de danse que l'on n'envisageait pas de cette maniere auparavant.
They also rode on a horse-drawn wagon, watched ethnic dance performances, strolled by the booths of various exhibitors, and tasted food from local businesses.
When visitors to a health farm start foaming at the mouth and dying in a gruesome manner, gruff twosome Dalziel and Pascoe are plunged in to a world of Tai'Chi and ethnic dance.
Visitors munched on free hotdogs, watched ethnic dance performances, and perused displays outlining the history of the Jewel City and such longtime businesses as Forest Lawn and Bob's Big Boy restaurant.
participate in an ethnic dance of a nation being studied.
You can see some of the best local performers, from rock, opera, and chamber music to jazz and ethnic dance, but, perhaps best of all, you can sample any number of these performances using the same $10 ticket.
In addition to the national headliners and ethnic dance performances, the festival will include international foods, multicultural vendors, giveaways, and educational programs for participants of all ages.
The ceremony turned out to be a genial event as children from Myanmar performed a traditional ethnic dance for the attendees.