ethnic studies

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ethnic studies,

in American education, programs offering courses in the history and culture of minority groups. Ethnic studies arose as a result of the black protest movement of the 1960s, which, among other things, deplored the lack of cultural relevance for African Americans in the curricula of the U.S. educational establishment. The contention was seconded by other non-European ethnic minorities. In the late 1960s, black history, literature, and interdisciplinary humanities courses were instituted at some universities to promote understanding of cultural heritage, analysis of political problems and solutions, and encouragement of artistic endeavors. To a lesser extent, other minorities, especially Chicanos (Mexican Americans) and other Hispanic Americans, have obtained similar course offerings.
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Fortress Europe overshadows ethnic studies in the European Union.
One year ago, Chaka Khan's The Chaka Khan Foundation in conjunction with the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies and ESSENCE partnered on the SuperLife Transformation Program (TM), an in-depth life and community-altering transformation process for deserving women who wished to accomplish their lifelong goals.
Likewise, the anthology works against a conception of ethnic studies that assumes the centrality of the United States and its racial formations by accentuating work that analyzes "interethnic and transracial relations in a global context" (ii).
Arizona's ban on ethnic studies proscribes Mexican-American history, local authors, even Shakespeare.
He did all of this while mentoring dozens of scholars who would go on to expand his work within the academy and grow the field of ethnic studies.
Today, in the Western World, as Arizona and the nation await the fateful decision by AZ Schools Chief John Huppenthal - expected later this week - on whether Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) is non-compliant with the Ethnic Studies ban, 10,000 miles away fellow youth leaders carry the Arab Spring into Summer.
Ethnic Studies at TUSD was the result of the Fisher-Mendoza court order that required educational redress for the decades of discrimination against people of color within the Tucson school system.
Samy Vellu said the recommendations, drafted with the cooperation of 75 Indian-based non-governmental organisations and Universiti Malaya's Ethnic Studies Department, would be submitted to the Prime Minister's Department on Friday.
In particular, HB 2281, a bill targeting the restriction of ethnic studies curricula in Arizona's K-12 educational system, has prompted accusations that Ethnic Studies scholarship and teachings work against a unified sense of nationhood by encouraging separatism and anti-American sentiment.
College-level collections strong in black or ethnic studies will welcome a history that considers who various ethnic backgrounds became 'African' because of their shared slavery experience.