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a shared racial, linguistic or national identity of a social group. See also NATIONALISM.

Ethnicity is an imprecise term which has given rise to some degree of conceptual confusion (see also ETHNIC GROUP). It is often conflated with other terms such as racial group.

Ethnicity can incorporate several forms of collective identity, including cultural, religious, national and subcultural forms. A distinction may be drawn between cultural

ethnicity and political ethnicity. The former refers to a belief in a shared language, religion or other such cultural values and practices. The latter refers to the political awareness or mobilization of a group on a (real or assumed) ethnic basis. Although ethnicity is often used in relation to a group's assumed racial identity, strictly racial attributes (see RACE) are not necessarily, or even usually, the defining feature of ethnic groups.

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We need to see the widest spectrum of insider voices - old and young, female and male, urban and rural, North and South, Midwest and Far West, upper-class and under-class - and ethnicities of the most diverse blendings - monocultural, bi-cultural, cross-cultural, multicultural.
7 greater odds of changing their self-identified ethnicity compared to non-Maori; sole groupings for the other three ethnicities did not have increased odds of changing ethnicity when compared with their counterpart "non" ethnic group.
Topics addressed include a short history of multiethnicity, the relationship between the nation and ethnicity, varieties of ethnicity, the political economy of multiethnicity and social capital, multiculturalism as a moving target amid ongoing cultural flux and tenuous institutional arrangements, ethnicities and multiculturalisms, multiculturalisms and museums, Islam and cosmopolitanism, and global multiculture as a new social formation and new phase of globalization.
However its reference is often very fluid, unlike the genealogy of tradition, shifting between different level ethnicities between for example, Sunni Muslim, Lebanese, Muslim and/or Arab.
As ROJIT's founding declaration puts it, "As young people, we are the heirs to the ancestral knowledge of our grandmothers and grandfathers, of all the different ethnicities of the isthmus region, .
The 1991 Civil Rights Act cemented into law the principle, already used in practice by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, that if your employee pool has a different proportion of races and ethnicities than the available labor pool, you can be liable for a discrimination suit.
is a multicultural and multilingual online store featuring over one million book and music titles organized by regions, ethnicities and countries.
Schools record up to three (or more) ethnicities for each student at the time of enrolment, but the collector of official education statistics, the Ministry of Education, reports ethnicity based on only one per student, following a system of prioritisation that used to be used by Statistics New Zealand but which it no longer recommends.
Representing "race"; racisms, ethnicities and media.
While the section would primarily be for Koreans, Takamatsu said other ethnicities won't be excluded.
Significantly higher proportions of black adolescents and those of other ethnicities (61% and 59%, respectively) had had two or more partners when compared with Hispanic (56%) and white (54%) adolescents.