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1. a female ballet dancer
2. US the principal female dancer of a ballet company



a female dancer in a ballet troupe. The term was first used in the second half of the 19th century after the triumphant performances of Italian virtuoso dancers. In prerevolutionary Russia the title of ballerina was bestowed on leading female dancers of the imperial ballet troupe; a ballerina received a certain salary and performed certain roles. Today it is customary to apply the term ballerina to all female ballet dancers.


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An etoile dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet is the highest ranked and most coveted position for a dancer at the company.
Sigma has developed useful tools that will help customers in linking Sigmulto Etoile to real-life situations.
As the only fine dining restaurant within a winery in Napa Valley, etoile Restaurant at Domaine Chandon epitomizes the very best that wine country dining has to offer.
N'Dour recently curated a pair of African music concerts at Carnegie Hall and then performed two nights at the venue, first with the Super Etoile, then with the Cairo Orchestra.
Accordion Etoile, with regular partner John Cullen, is due a break
Trainer Paul Nolan confirmed yesterday that Accordion Etoile, which has run only twice over fences, is an intended runner on Sunday.
Becoming an etoile is not yet success; it is the beginning of true work.
the contract is for the production of cleaning services and housekeeping of the urban Community of Pays d~Aubagne and Etoile
However, the first mission to gain some black type was achieved at Chester the following month, when Mont Etoile kept on strongly in the final 2f of the Listed Cheshire Oaks to be beaten three lengths by Time On.
Conqueror of Grimes in this race last year, Accordion Etoile mixed with the best hurdlers in Britain and Ireland last season and ran the race of his life when finishing a close fourth behind compatriots Hardy Eustace, Harchibald and Brave Inca in the Smurfit Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham in March.
As the school marks its fortieth anniversary year, founder and Artistic Director Rosella Hightower has handed the reins to her handpicked successor, former Paris Opera Ballet etoile Monique Loudieres.