the accepted name in the USSR for any of various plastics based on acetates, acetopropionates, acetobutyrates, cellulose nitrates, and ethyl cellulose.

In addition to the materials on which they are based, etroly may contain plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, doping additives, mineral fillers, and substances that give the plastics a pleasant odor and increase their resistance to bacteria. The production of the plastics involves mixing the components, homogenizing the resulting mixture at fairly high temperatures, forming ribbons or bands from the melt, cooling the ribbons or bands, and milling them into granules. Products are manufactured from etroly by the methods commonly used for other thermoplastics (seePLASTICS).

Products made from etroly have good mechanical properties and a pleasant appearance; easily polished, they retain their luster for prolonged periods. Moreover, they are not easily charged, are readily worked by mechanical methods, and can be easily glued with acetone or 10-percent solutions of etroly in certain mixtures of solvents. Etroly are used to make steering wheels, elbow rests, instrument panels, pushbuttons, and handles for motor vehicles, airplanes, ships, and railroad cars; they are also used to make telephone parts, natural-gas pipelines, toys, eyeglass frames, clothing accessories, and viewing windows for certain instruments.

Materials similar to etroly are marketed outside the USSR under the trade name Tenite (USA), Dexel (Great Britain), Cellidor (Federal Republic of Germany), and Rodiolite (France).


Malinin, L. N. “Poluchenie i pererabotka etrolov.” Plasticheskie massy, 1969, no. 8, pp. 37–41.


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