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city (1990 pop. 112,669), seat of Lane co., W Oregon, on the Willamette River; inc. 1862. A processing and shipping center in a farming area, the "Emerald City" has lumbering, food-processing, and microchip and other electronics industries. Its booming tourist industry is based on its attractive environment, river recreation areas, and Willamette National Forest. Also an intellectual center, Eugene is the seat of the Univ. of Oregon, with its noted Northwest Pacific art museum, and of Northwest Christian College.



a city in the northwestern USA, in the state of Oregon, on the Willamette River. Population, 88,000 (1975; with suburbs, 230,000). Eugene is the center of an agricultural region in the southern part of the Willamette valley; the area grows primarily fruit. In 1975, 22,000 people were employed in the city’s industries, which include metallurgy (nonferrous metals and alloys), metalworking, food processing, a chemical industry, and a wood-products industry. A university is located in Eugene.

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Italian students Lucka Crevola and Eugen Mamli with Kenny Watkins (Liverpool Housing Trust), centre
Fortunately for historians, the Ar 196s were removed from the Prinz Eugen before she became a target ship in 1946 nuclear tests in the Pacific.
In 1973 Eugen Jochum recorded the Mozart "Jupiter" Symphony and the Schubert "Unfinished" Symphony on an LP that went immediately to the top of every critic's "best" list.
Meinander received the Eugen Lendholt Medal and the Innofinland Award in 2003 and the Marcus Wallenberg Prize in 2004.
Also present was Bishop Jacques Gaillot, dismissed from the diocese of Evreux, France, for opposing priestly celibacy, male-only ordination and the ban on condoms; and German theologian Eugen Drewerman who was suspended from the active priesthood in 1992 for heretical views on the nature of the Church.
The weather can be perilous at this time of year, but luckily for Caroline and Eugen Nikollaj the sun was shining on their wedding day.
Its East German curators, Eugen Blume and Roland Marz, selected more than four hundred works--by some 145 artists--whose aesthetic merit "remains valid" and "enduring.
Formally, the tower complements Egon Eiermann's Langer Eugen tower, previously for the civil service and now to be occupied by the UN, and Gunter Behnisch's parliament building (AR March 1993), which will become a conference centre now that the Bundestag has moved to Berlin.
Reader Schraf handles this mass of material deftly, very slightly inflecting the different voices in the book: author Milford and Millay's sister Nora; Millay's husband Eugen Boissevain.
Eugen Bopp and Mathieu Louis-Jean fired Forest into a deserved 2-0 lead, but as Crewe spiralled towards the Second Division, Rodney Jack gave them hope with 13 minutes remaining.