Eugène Ysaye

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Ysaye, Eugène


Born July 16, 1858, in Liège; died May 12, 1931, in Brussels. Belgian violinist and composer.

Ysaye studied under H. Vieuxtemps and H. Wieniawski. From 1879 to 1883 he was the concertmaster of the symphonic orchestra of B. Bilse in Berlin. He was greatly influenced by A. G. Rubinstein, with whom he toured Norway and Sweden in 1881. Ysaye made a concert tour of Russia in 1882 and 1883, performing there almost annually until 1912. He became a professor at the Brussels Conservatory in 1886. He founded a string quartet and the symphonic society Ysaye Concerts and served as their conductor from 1894. Ysaye was well-known for his interpretations of classical works and of contemporary French and Belgian music. He wrote compositions for violin (including six sonatas for solo violin) and the opera Peter the Miner (premiere 1927). He also did musical transcription and editing. The Eugene Ysaye International Competitions for violinists (1937) and pianists (1938) were held in Brussels.


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1915: Violinist Eugene Ysaye performed his first concertsince fleeing occupied Belgium.
Composers' busts, tables, lithography, musical instruments, medals, decorations, jewelry, or more anecdotal objects, often the results of purchases or gifts, are attached to personal archives emanating from great Belgian or foreign music personalities of international standard, such as the violonist and virtuoso Eugene Ysaye, or the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok.
Fingersatz and Strichbezeich-nung von Eugene Ysaye.
Bach, Paul Patterson and Eugene Ysaye is uniquely egalitarian: It offers free music downloads (solo violin in its truest form, hence the name of the project) for everyone, and appreciates and spreads awareness on classical music.
Dedicated as a wedding gift to the Belgian composer and violinist Eugene Ysaye, it provides a fitting conclusion to this imaginative and far-ranging debut recording, an important milestone in the increasingly exciting career of the young musician.
But none of these insights are as dramatic as the events that led up to the Liverpool concert of Belgian violinist, composer and conductor Eugene Ysaye.
The first is on Monday at King Edward VI School where Rimma will be joined by a fellow conservatoire tutor, pianist Robert Markham, for a recital of music by Bach, Elgar and the Belgian composer Eugene Ysaye.
on the box set -- from Roy Acuff and Aerosmith to the Yardbirds, Eugene Ysaye, and the Zombies.
For the performer-scholar, the Louis Persinger Collection and Viola Mitchell Collection provide a remarkably clear view into the aesthetic and mindset of Persinger, Mitchell, and Eugene Ysaye.
The only other 'unknown'' element was Ms Yang''s white-hot encore, taken from a sonata by the 19th century Belgium peasant, Eugene Ysaye.
He fled Spain at the outset of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and accepted an invitation to be a member of the jury of the first Concours Eugene Ysaye (1937).
Most writers, taking their cues from Debussy's early biographer Leon Vallas and from more or less vague clues in Debussy's published correspondence, assume that what Debussy referred to in 1892 as Trois scenes au crepuscule, based on poems by Henri de Regnier, was an early version of the Nocturnes, and that a violin concerto for Eugene Ysaye that Debussy claimed to have "nearly finished" was a later manifestation.