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1. Leonhard . 1707--83, Swiss mathematician, noted esp for his work on the calculus of variation: considered the founder of modern mathematical analysis
2. Ulf (Svante) von . 1905--83, Swedish physiologist: shared the Nobel prize (1970) for physiology or medicine with Julius Axelrod and Bernard Katz for their work on the catecholamines: son of Hans von Euler-Chelpin
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[Named after the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)] A revision of ALGOL by Niklaus Wirth. A small predecessor of Pascal.

["EULER: A Generalisation of ALGOL and Its Formal Definition", N. Wirth, CACM 9(1) (Jan 1966) and 9(2) (Feb 1966)].
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where [u.sup.0] is the smooth solution of the incompressible Euler equations (1.4).
The Euler constant [gamma](s) for [zeta](w, s) should be defined by
Aux cAaAaAeA tAaAaAeA@s de son partenaire SociAaAaAeA@tAaAaAeA@ GenAaAaAeA@rale Maroc, Euler Hermes p durant cette AaAaAeA@dition ses perspectives AaAaAeA@conomiques mondiales et liv en avant-premiAaAaAeA?re son analyse des risques mondiaux avec un focus particuli sur les risques Maroc.
In Figure 4(d) solutions distribution from TDD and Euler deconvolution methods are displayed as red + and blue x symbols, respectively.
In this article, based on the polarization properties of Raman spectra, the step-by-step measuring method for the Euler angle of the wurtzitic crystal is proposed.
In this context, Euler Hermes identified various alerts coming from the regional tectonic plates: The US economy should benefit from resilient consumption due to increasing confidence and private investment.
Euler equivocally gender-flips, or gender-doubles, Christ: The figure resembles the artist, the crossed legs (of which there are four) may cover male genitals, and the fists are huge and threatening.
"The turnover of British companies would contract by around 1 percent per year on average in the event of a Brexit", said Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist for the Euler Hermes Group.
Mathematical justification for rotations on the sphere is an Euler's theorem.
The GCC region in 2016 will generate a modest economic rebound for most countries at 3.7 per cent after facing tough year in 2015 - GDP growth of three per cent, said Paris headquartered Euler Hermes last week.
We decided to buy trade credit insurance from Euler Hermes, which basically meant they became our credit department.