Euler's Formula

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Euler's formula

[′ȯi·lərz ‚fȯr·myə·lə]
The formula e ix = cos x + i sin x, where i = √(-1).
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Euler’s Formula


any of several important formulas established by L. Euler.

(1) A formula giving the relation between the exponential function and trigonometric functions (1743):

eix = cos x + i sin x

Also known as Euler’s formulas are the equations

(2) A formula giving the expansion of the function sin x in an infinite product (1740):

(3) The formula

where s = 1,2,... and p runs over all prime numbers.

(4) The formula

(a2 + b2 + c2 + d2)(p2 + q2 + r2 + s2) = x2 + y2 + z2 + t2


x = ap + bq + cr + ds

y = aqbp ± csdr

z = arbscp ± dq

t = as ± brcqdp

(5) The formula (1760)

Also known as the equation of Euler, it gives an expression for the curvature 1/R of a normal section of a surface in terms of the surface’s principal curvatures 1/R1 and 1/R2 and the angle φ between one of the principal directions and the given direction.

Other well-known formulas associated with Euler include the Euler-Maclaurin summation formula and the Euler-Fourier formulas for the coefficients of expansions of functions in trigonometric series.

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Many of these entities have been given simple and ambiguous names such as Euler's function, Euler's equation, and Euler's formula. Euler's work touched upon so many fields that he is often the earliest written reference on a given matter.
If every face of the cube was the base for an attached square pyramid, this three-dimensional star-like object would have V = 14, F = 24, E = 36, which again satisfies Euler's formula.
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Euler's formula, however, contains no safety factor for real-world materials, such as tubing that is not perfectly straight.
The cyclomatic complexity thus defined has been shown [3] to be equal to the number of decisions plus one (individual decisions not predicates [5]) or to the number of regions in a connected graph (using Euler's formula, [5,2]).
By Euler's formula [zeta](m) = - [(2[pi]i).sup.m]/[2m!] [B.sub.m] for any positive even integer m, we obtain (1.11) with m = 4.
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