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(boneset), a genus of herbaceous plants of the family Compositae. The ternate or entire leaves are opposite or, less commonly, in verticils of three or four leaves. The campanulate heads consist of three to seven flowers and are in a compound corymbose inflorescence. The flowers, which are funnel-form and bisexual, are white, grayish pink, or pinkish lilac. The fruit is a five-angled achene crowned with a pappus containing several long hairs.

There are 600 species of Eupatorium (according to other data, 1,200), distributed mostly in the Americas. Only a few species are found in Eurasia and tropical Africa. The USSR has three species. E. cannabinum, the most prevalent species, grows in boggy regions, along shores, and amid shrubbery in the European USSR, the Caucasus, and Middle Asia. In the Soviet Far East, E. lindleyanum (formerly E. kirilowii) grows on the mainland, and E. glehnii is found on Southern Sakhalin and on the Kuril Islands. Some species of Eupatorium are cultivated as ornamentals.


Flora SSSR, vol. 25. Moscow-Leningrad, 1959.
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