European Court of Justice

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European Court of Justice:

see Court of Justice of the European UnionCourt of Justice of the European Union,
judicial institution of the European Union (EU). Located in Luxembourg, it was founded in 1958 as the joint court for the three treaty organizations that were consolidated into the European Community (the predecessor of the EU) in 1967.
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Concern about alleged judicial activism at the European Court of Justice brought together participants for a conference at the Maastricht Centre for European Law in October 2011, from which this book arose.
As it stands, Ireland applies the lower rate on the sale of horses and, indeed, all aspects of horses, including training, but the potentially damaging judgement comes on the back of a complaint by the European Commission being upheld in the European Court of Justice.
The European Court of Justice declined to accept incriminating evidence against Othman because judges said there was a "real risk" this evidence was flawed because it was obtained through torture.
The European Court of Justice will make a ruling on the matter later this year.
The Commission is also asking Spain to comply with a ruling by the European Court of Justice on emergency planning for major industrial accidents.
The European Court of Justice, the European Union's highest court, has rejected an attempt by Anheuser-Busch InBev to trademark the brand "Budweiser."
The European Court of Justice has confirmed the legality of the EU law to cap prices for mobile phone roaming.
The advocate general of the European Court of Justice issued an April 29 opinion upholding the longstanding EU principle that attorney-client privilege covers communications with outside lawyers but not in-house attorneys.
Sweden is the last holdout in implementing a 2006 measure requiring telecom providers to retain customer phone and e-mail records, and the European Court of Justice is not happy.
The European Court of Justice, the highest court in the EU, ruled that Google's AdWords does not violate European trademark law and that the search giant can continue selling keyword-based ads on its search pages.
The Swedish court decided it needed guidance from the European Court of Justice as to whether or not the Swedish union blockade was in conflict with European laws, and whether the Swedish labor market's principles contradicted the EU principle of free movement of labor.
Shares in Austrian online gambling group bwin u one of Europe's biggest Internet bookmakers which had brought the case before the European Court of Justice u tumbled as much as 9.5 percent on the news.

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