European Parliament

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European Parliament

European Parliament, an institution of the governing body of the European Union (EU). It convenes on a monthly basis in Strasbourg, France; most meetings of the separate parliamentary committees are held in Brussels, Belgium, and its Secretariat is located in Luxembourg.

The European Parliament was founded in 1958 as the European Parliamentary Assembly, and its members were chosen by the parliaments of the nations belonging to the three treaty organizations that were later merged to form what is now the EU. Since 1979, the members sent by each nation have been directly elected by its citizens for five-year terms. Once elected, members are grouped according to political party or faction rather than nationality. Its expansion over the years has followed that of the EU; there are currently 705 members.

The parliament was for many years a consultative body, but its powers have been expanded. Those powers remain largely negative ones, exercised mainly through its ability to refuse to grant approval or otherwise act as required; it may not initiate legislation. The final vote on legislation proposed by the European Commission, as well as amendments proposed by the parliament, is shared with or belongs to the Council of the European Union. The aspect of EU government over which the parliament has the most direct influence is the EU budget, which it may amend or reject and on which it generally has the final vote. It also must approve the slate of nominees for the European Commission.

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Members of the European Parliament demanded that India start a dialogue with Pakistan right away and Modi immediately lift the curfew in Kashmir.
"Otherwise, the Azerbaijanis will perceive the European Parliament as a biased structure, deviating from the principles of democracy and operating on the basis of double standards," the appeal said.
Dan Preda assessed as a realistic goal that BiH gets a candidate status this year before the elections for the European Parliament.
He said that the position of the European Parliament is crucial because it sends a clear political message that the European Union refuses to run behind the United States and that it remains committed to the two-state solution based on the terms of reference of the peace process and that it continues to provide the necessary financial support to UNRWA until a just and lasting solution to the refugee issue is found.
'He said: 'I do not recognise Mu Sochua, so go away.' I was very disappointed with what he said, but I am proud to have entered the European Parliament. Our presence represents half the nation,' she said.
Speaking of the resolution, President Tsai said it pointed in a 'direction we are pleased to see.' She also said Taiwan will continue to value and expand exchanges with the European Parliament as it remains supportive of elevating the relationship between Taiwan and the European Union.
It has generally been assumed this will be a formality: the European Parliament is unlikely to reject a deal agreed by a qualified majority (at least) of the EU27, and by the UK.
'We thus call on the members of the European Parliament to exercise prudence in issuing resolutions.
The great MPs expenses scandal in Westminster could be about to be repeated for members of the European Parliament.
Iran's Foreign Ministry has decried as "worthless" a recent statement critical of the Islamic Republic and signed by a third of the members of the European Parliament. (See last week's Iran Times, page 10.)
MEPs Neoclis Sylikiotis and Costas Mavrides, hit back at Solidarity leader andMEP Eleni Theocharousafter she said on Wednesday that no Cyprus MEP had attended the prime minister of Malta's address to the European Parliament, dedicated to the country's six months in the EU presidency chair, which ended last week.

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