European corn borer

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European corn borer:

see corn borercorn borer
or European corn borer,
common name for the larva of a moth of the family Pyralidae, introduced from S Europe into the Boston area in 1917. The corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis,
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Aspects of the biology and biological control of the European corn borer in North Carolina.
steady decline in European corn borer populations over the last decade
Traditional maize remains >susceptible to the European Corn borer moth
Each strain of the European corn borer uses a blend of pheromone components in a very specific ratio.
But they may also be useful in helping explain why corn fares so poorly against the European corn borer.
They said Midwestern states that planted corn genetically modified to make a toxin that fights off European corn borer moths has dramatically cut the $1 billion in annual losses from the pest, even preserving crops that have not been altered.
Zhu and his collaborators also have investigated gene silencing in the European corn borer and in grasshoppers, a major insect pest in China.
Furthermore, conventional corn has lower yields than Bt corn because it is more susceptible to the European corn borer.
In January, he told the Western Mail he had imported a small quantity of two varieties of forage maize with the MON 810 trait, which makes plants resistant to the European corn borer, a pest that is common in southern Europe.
The first generation European corn borer population was negligible, but numbers of the second generation were higher than expected.
It resists the European corn borer beetle, some moth pests, and withstands the herbicide glufosinate-ammonium.

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