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Eurus (Volturnus)

the southeast wind. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 97, 238]
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Con cerca de cien recurrencias tanto en la Iliada como en la Odisea, eurus tiene en estas dos obras su mayor presencia en la literatura griega antigua, seguida de las Historias de Herodoto (27 recurrencias), la Teogonia de Hesiodo (19 ocurrencias) los Himnos homericos (17 recurrencias).
Eurus Rokkasho Solar Park Corporation president, Satoshi Takahata, said, 'The proven efficiency and reliability of the modules from SunPower Corporation, coupled with the industry's best warranty, will enable us to build a power plant that will benefit the community of Rokkasho.
Nearly two years in the making and powered by a combination of Big Data analytical technologies--including wavelets, support vector machines, principal components analysis and neural networks--the Eurus platform understands complex, non-linear relationships between millions of historical weather feature data points using machine learning to calculate catastrophic event probabilities.
4energia UAB belongs to the Baltics' largest renewable energy company Nelja Energia, whose biggest shareholders are Vardar Eurus (60 percent), owned by Norway's Buskerud County and NEFCO, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD,11 percent) and Estonian investors (29 percent).
The customer is company Atlantic Energias Renovaveis SA and the projects are named Renascenca V and Eurus II.
2) Less than two years earlier, cement giant Cemex unveiled "[a] wind farm described as the largest in Latin America," (3) the 250 MW EURUS wind farm in southern Mexico, a $592 million venture with Spanish developer Acciona (4) Elsewhere in Mexico, retailers Wal-Mart de Mexico and Soriana have also launched wind farm projects.
Lawrence River, including Prince of Orange (sixty guns), Rochester (fifty guns), and Eurus (unknown), while eight more were sent from Louisbourg, including Fame (seventy-four guns), Dorsetshire (seventy), and Achilles (sixty), and the frigates Scarborough (twenty-nine) and Repulse (thirty-two).
Con una potencia de 250 megavatios, Eurus es el mayor parque eolico de America Latina, un proyecto conjunto de la empresa espanola Acciona y la cementera mexicana Cemex, que abastece de energia a un 25% de las plantas de la cementera en el pais.
Included in these totals were six significant transactions each over $300 million including project financing by Renewable Energy Systems Americas for $500 million, a $375 million loan for Acciona's Eurus Windpark, a $302 million loan for Dong Energy, a $375 million line of credit for Duke Energy/Green Frontier Windpower, a $400 million equity financing by Pattern Energy and a $732 million credit line for China Windpower.
Then there was Eurus II for Hannover Re, which was the first CAT bond to use the tri-party repo structure, which appears now to be a new collateral structure of choice.
Presently, TEPCO is involved in nine thermal power projects in six countries and also is participating in Eurus Energy Holdings, which operates wind power generation plants in the U.