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A mixture of phases whose composition is determined by the eutectoid point in the solid region of an equilibrium diagram and whose constituents are formed by the eutectoid reaction.
(physical chemistry)
The point in an equilibrium diagram for a solid solution at which the solution on cooling is converted to a mixture of solids.
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a eutectic that forms when a solid solution cools. In a phase diagram, a eutectoid point corresponds to the equilibrium of a solid solution whose phases have dissociated; the number of phases is equal to the number of components. A eutectoid point is analogous to a eutectic point in the case of the solidification of a liquid solution. An example of a eutectoid is pearlite in steel.

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Coupled temperature stress, phase transformation calculation model numerical illustration of the internal stresses evolution during cooling of a eutectoid carbon steel cylinder.
Standard rail steel has a predominantly pearlitic structure with a nearly eutectoid content of carbon and fine plates of pearlitic cementite.
Table 1: Steel wire composition and mechanical properties Nominal chemical composition of eutectoid steel C Si S P Cr Ni Mn Cu Fe 0.81 0.24 0.002 0.008 0.12 0.04 0.65 0.1 Bal.
The result of this show continued growth of austenite, passing the eutectoid temperature during cooling requires a radical change.
Beta stabilizers like Mo, V, Nb, Ta (isomorphous), Fe, W, Cr, Si, Ni, Co, Mn, H (eutectoid)
Next to this phase, there is a very fine-grained eutectoid formation, and within the grain there is a eutectoidic phase with a coarser cellular structure.
While limited results on X70 pipeline steels, a plain carbon steel of approximately eutectoid composition (AISI 1080), and a relatively pure iron are included in these results, most of the results are for an X42 pipeline steel.
Characterization and morphological analysis of pearlite in a eutectoid steel.
Among the 93 specific topics are texture development in aluminum friction stir welds, combining two x-ray diffraction settings for determining the texture of small sheared samples, the relative preference for strain localizations in ultra-low-carbon steel, eutectoid point shift and orientation relationships between ferrite and cementite in pearlite in a high magnetic field, texture and microscopic evolution during the asymmetric rolling of magnesium alloys, and modeling rolling texture of twinned copper single crystals.
The most promising alloying elements in development of high-temperature, thermally stable titanium alloys are aluminium, gallium (they increase temperature of polymorphous transformation), zirconium and tin (which almost do not affect temperature of phase transformation), molybdenum, vanadium, niobium, tantalum (which do not have eutectoid points with titanium), and silicon (it forms eutectics, that's why its content, as a rule, does not exceed 0.4%).