Evalds Vilks

Vilks, Ēvalds


(pseudonym of Evalds Lacis). Born Feb. 8, 1923, in Valka. Soviet Latvian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1949.

Vilks was born into a worker’s family. He began to publish in 1941. His World War II experiences are reflected in the collection of stories People of One Truth (1949). Vilks’ collection In Autumn Days (1955; State Prize of the Latvian SSR, 1957) deals with the life of Latvian kolkhoz workers. The stories inGreen Tree (I960), Because of a Minute’s Tardiness (1961), and The Savage (1968) raise problems of modern life and portray the characters of people at work and in their everyday life.


In Russian translation:
Rasskazy. Riga, 1957.
V dni osennie. Riga, 1958.
Vse sluchilos’ letom. Moscow, 1960.
Rasskazy. Moscow, 1967.


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