Evangelical Alliance

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Evangelical Alliance

(ēvănjĕl`ĭkəl), an association of Evangelical Christians in a union, not of churches, but of individuals belonging to different denominations and different countries. It was formed to give evidence of the unity existing among Evangelical believers and to advance such unity. The Alliance was founded in 1846 in London, at a conference in which some 50 denominations were represented by several hundred clergymen and laymen, gathered from many parts of the world. Branches have been organized in various countries. An American branch was established in 1867. In 1908 the American Alliance was replaced by the Federal Council of Churches, which was superseded in 1950 by the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America The largest association is the one first formed in Great Britain, which in 1923 became known as the World's Evangelical Alliance.


See A. J. Arnold, History of the Evangelical Alliance (1897); J. W. Ewing, Goodly Fellowship: A Centenary Tribute to the Life and Work of the World's Evangelical Alliance, 1846–1946 (1946).

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As church historian Mark Ellingsen notes, "No history of the Evangelical Movement can ignore the founding of an international organization in 1846, the Evangelical Alliance (the predecessor body of the present-day World Evangelical Fellowship).
Dr World Evangelical Alliance South Africa 6 Mr ACT Alliance Switzerland * remote participation by videoconferencing/Skype APOLOGIES CCIA MEMBERS Title First Name Last Name 1 Dr Nora Bayrakdarian-Kabakian 2 Rev.
Daniel Webster of the Evangelical Alliance, the UK's largest body serving evangelical Christians, added: "Gambling toys that appeal to children are irresponsible.
Elfed Godding, national director of the Evangelical Alliance Wales said: "Mercy Ministries is not a member of the Evangelical Alliance.
The five-page code of conduct, which has been under negotiation since 2005, was unveiled at a Geneva news conference by the World Council of Churches, a senior Roman Catholic prelate and the World Evangelical Alliance.
It was then that Achilli won the backing of the Evangelical Alliance in London, which was only too eager to nurture the career of one whose fervent anti-Catholicism matched its own.
Deborah Fikes, executive adviser to the World Evangelical Alliance, is one such leader.
ENI -- Christian Internet bloggers have received 10 commandments from Britain's Evangelical Alliance to help them avoid the danger of writing in haste what they might later regret at leisure.
Steven Godbold, who was captured in October while helping a local organisation transport equipment to drill water wells, was freed late on Thursday, The Evangelical Alliance Mission (Team), said in a statement on Friday.
Guest speaker is Dr R David Muir, a director with Evangelical Alliance.
The Evangelical Alliance was more Anglicized, more Midwestern, and more open to the hierarchical polity of their Methodist cousins; the Evangelical Union remained centered in Pennsylvania, and its largely German-speaking membership rallied around the doctrines of holiness and Christian perfection.
For example, the Evangelical Alliance held 263 classes in schools during the 2005-06 school year.