Evangelical Alliance

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Evangelical Alliance

(ēvănjĕl`ĭkəl), an association of Evangelical Christians in a union, not of churches, but of individuals belonging to different denominations and different countries. It was formed to give evidence of the unity existing among Evangelical believers and to advance such unity. The Alliance was founded in 1846 in London, at a conference in which some 50 denominations were represented by several hundred clergymen and laymen, gathered from many parts of the world. Branches have been organized in various countries. An American branch was established in 1867. In 1908 the American Alliance was replaced by the Federal Council of Churches, which was superseded in 1950 by the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America The largest association is the one first formed in Great Britain, which in 1923 became known as the World's Evangelical Alliance.


See A. J. Arnold, History of the Evangelical Alliance (1897); J. W. Ewing, Goodly Fellowship: A Centenary Tribute to the Life and Work of the World's Evangelical Alliance, 1846–1946 (1946).

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Thomas Schirrmacher, a German theologian with the evangelical alliance, said the code would seek to "establish the borderline between acceptable forms of mission protected by religious freedom, and undue forms of trying to convert people."
The Rev Joel Edwards, general director of the Evangelical Alliance, said: "I hope now that the church could stand by Roy and his family over the coming weeks and months, giving them the love and compassion they will all need."
Earlier, as a founding member of Africa Evangelical Alliance, I had taken part in conferences all over Africa.
The Evangelical Alliance said it had posted a number of prayers on its website to help churches with special services of remembrance.
Hell, according to a 140-page report produced by the Evangelical Alliance, is a place where sinners face unimaginable torment.
MORE people in Wales are believed to be attending evangelical services every week than are going to traditional services in the Church in Wales, according to a TV programme which airs tonight BBC Wales' current affairs programme Week In Week Out says that although there is no precise figure for the number of evangelical worshippers, estimates from the Evangelical Alliance in Wales put the figure at up to 60,000 every week.
Earlier he and his wife served in Venezuela with The Evangelical Alliance Mission.
Church group the Evangelical Alliance said: "Problem gamblers are not mere statistics."
The appointment was immediately welcomed by the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church but queried by the million-strong Evangelical Alliance.
The Rev Elfed Godding, General Secretary of the Welsh branch of the Evangelical Alliance, said of the letters: "We're looking back here at something he Dr Williams was saying before he became Archbishop of Canterbury.
He said that The Mission Exchange will continue to emphasize external relationships with mission movements, including the India Mission Association, the Nigeria Evangelical Mission Association, and others through the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance.
Mr Boateng read the second response to the death of Damilola, while the first was read by the Rev Joel Edwards, general director of the Evangelical Alliance, which represents one million evangelical Christians in the UK.

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